The program of development of education — its a shame the country

Education Development Programme - it's a shame the countryWhat is now open a discussion Medvedev — empty and just a poorly written document, says expert

Discussion topics in the government of Russian education — will inevitably act cute. Whenever you become a witness of an exciting discovery. Here's another discussion of the concept of development on the coming couple of years as the principal industry was no exception. The freshest news from the prime minister Dmitry Medvedev, it turns out, our home is wasting on education no less than the army.

Rejoice for our teachers (or posoboleznuem military), but still leave this thesis is on the conscience of the creator, and those assistants who knows where dug appropriate number. In fact in discussing the improvement in the government, "the driver of the country" (education that is) apart from Mr Medvedev's foolishness sounded really great, the right sentiments. So, presenting the strategy, Mr Medvedev noted the importance of a fundamentally focus on the development of mathematics education in the country, the more so that, as the Prime Minister said, this branch of knowledge in our country is developed, and "it is necessary to maintain."

The thesis of the importance of strengthening the mathematical component in education seems undeniable, though it sounds wildly for a country that has long been winning space, and universities which up to now, in all imaginable and unimaginable obstacles to, prepare a strong technical staff, to cheer fluttering by the world's leading IT-companies . In other words, mathematical science has once (and not so long ago) were stunningly developed in our area, sunk enough even to this day. However, now we want to revive the former glory tehnarskuyu, so to speak, to "catch up and overtake" is not only America, and no time at all by any Singapore. And for that, said Dmitry Anatolyevich, "in principle, that schools and institutions preparing our young people to work in the competitive criteria to uncover opportunities and initiative." Tom's assistance will development competitiveness in the educational process, specifically increasing the number of different kinds of contests and competitions. The idea, frankly, pretty, but to this day she saw some really hurt the most for granted, so once again voiced its still not stupid people. Putin did not order not sleep nights, selecting other subordinates, so he gave them for the revelation of the truth lowercase.

Medvedev outlined the "revolutionary" suggestions for improving the properties of education in the interview with columnist KM.RU commented director of the Metropolitan Institute for Development of Educational Systems, Advisor to the General Director of the publishing house "Education", Ph.D., corresponding member of the RW Alexander Abramov:

— Medvedev called for strengthening the teaching of mathematical disciplines. You inspired this statement?

— The very fact that such statement is strange, as it relates to any very local things. Well, who would argue with the fact that it is necessary to develop a mathematical education and competition? Is anyone opposed? But, you see, because there is a discussion of state programs from the development of education in the country for 8 years, in other words before us — a policy document. As can be seen, it would be necessary to argue and have read about the conceptual solutions.

I have reviewed this applets. It is reckless very long, empty and just a poorly written document, about 300 pages of it. No conceptual thinking of is not there, it's just a bureaucratic paper. To give just one example, in my opinion, quite damning. The document contains six integral performance criteria of education, 5 of which are quantitative (enrollment rate, the proportion of different groups, etc.) and only one aspect of a high quality, but quite magnificent. We introduce a brand new unit of measurement properties of education in schools — the so-called decile ratio, which is calculated from the case of the average score on the exam in 10% of the best schools in the average score on the exam in 10% of schools feeble. This measurement is by definition completely stupid, it is nothing characterizes, with all this so far also does not specify how this is true factor calculate.

With all of this minister Livanov has recently stated that segodnyaschy situation with the efficiency of education in the country, the average is not good, because we have the decile coefficient is 1.86. I do not know how they calculate it, but one of the areas of applets is: by 2018 we will have a huge success factor drops to 1.7V, and in 2020 — 1.5. In 1-x, evaluate the quality of education in hundredths and 10's a little bit of — it is highly unclear. And in-2, you need to determine in a simple — "what is good and what is bad." If read that all should simply "equalize" the coefficient should become completely spotless, especially if the highest scores will at all. Yes, and a factor of 2 can also be a good indicator, as it would mean that 10% of the best students — are prime candidates in future scientific elite. Reasoning here is endless, but it is not clear one thing: how could lay such gibberish to the municipal development program from education?

— Medvedev suggested another aspect of the evaluation of properties: five of our leading universities to get into the list of 100 best global …

— This aspect is even meaningful, but the other question is how it is achievable in our criteria. This is because most of the problem, as long as there is not even state strategy, how to achieve it. I did, after all, willing to believe that a tremendous effort this puzzle and can solve the problem, but it is still a lot more deeply rooted. We have all the high school is hell what condition, and correcting such positions — much more difficult task. But, again, does not propose any reasonable method of solving it. So I believe that the emergence of such applets — breathtakingly unprofessional and unable to make the situation better — it's just a shame. This is — proof that we fell fundamental system of training of municipal decisions.

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