The program of disarmament

Disarmament programWhat do you think about what Dmitry Medvedev told the world, when at a meeting on the budget enforcement agencies, put the puzzle in 2015 to equip the Russian army with modern weapons by more than 30 percent? Do you think that the Russian army has a chance to get in the end, a new species? Did not happen. Russian President formally notified that programm weapons in 2007 — 2015 years, and it is completely disrupted. In February 2007, the Sergei Ivanov, while not only the Deputy Prime Minister, but also the Minister of Defence (also in Smotrin to succeed) deputies of the State Duma said that in 2015 Russian army will be rearmed by 45 percent.

It is seen that all the programs from the arms (and they have been very few three) are the same up-cycle. First step — taking a holiday with the announcement that the percentage will be rearmed with our army 10 years later, the second step — the allocation of funds producers promise just to fill up with modern technology, the third step — it is not clear where the funds are dissolved, the fourth step (aka first) — making the latest programs from the arms with a promise to upgrade military equipment on the specified percentage.

During the meeting, no one asked Sergei Ivanov, who was sitting next to the Prime Minister exactly why, actually speaking, a failure programm Arms, which was developed not in the "dashing 90", and well-fed zero. Why no one asked Sergei Borisovich, where he promised in 2007, tanks and armored vehicles to equip as many as 40 tanks, 97 infantry and 50 airborne battalions. And not counting the 5 teams filled with missiles "Iskander". A further 100 thousand nainoveyshih cars. Also nemerenoe number of air defense systems S-400 …

Of course, the funds disappear due to corruption, rumored price rollbacks in contract to build weapons achieves 30-50 percent of the total price. It is no coincidence security agencies collectively ignored attempt to make Gosoboronpostavku, the agency that contracts would be to them instead.

But the main problem is still not the point. The problem is that under Vladimir Putin and Sergei Ivanov has created a parody of the Russian military-industrial complex. Ministry of Industry of the USSR revived in the form of companies: aviation, shipbuilding and other. In fact, it's the same farm where one is more or less effective enterprise feeds dozen polubankrotov. With all of this means for the maintenance of these polubankrotov laid in the price of delivered military equipment.

In addition, up to now no one has thought of the need to recreate the production system components. Dmitry Anatolyevich can be arbitrarily long time to achieve, so that all communication in the armed forces defected to the "figure" to 2012 (despite the fact that at the moment 85 percent of the equipment — analog), but the good of it will not. Since the creation of the beautiful radio that Medvedev has shown, can only be done abroad. Just as the creation of the long-suffering GLONASS successors eventually became our home struggled to impose India. I wonder which country is now going to create owls. hidden means of communication for the Russian army? Or, in what state are going to get the element base for them? In America? And, maybe, in China?

In fact, as long as no one is going to seriously address the problems of the Russian military-industrial complex. It remains a source of funds for corrupt military officials. It allows you to stay afloat Weave the companies that have become insolvent. The only thing he can not, because it provide the Armed Forces military equipment, which they really need.

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