The project Assessment and municipal politicians is gaining momentum

Pochetaemye visit the Web site, "Military Review"!

At this point in this web site is project "Evaluation of public and political figures." It can take the role of at least some guest Web site, regardless of their country of residence, age, and their own views and beliefs.

The purpose of the project — a joint effort to give a generalized comparative assessment of the more famous municipal leaders and political functionaries of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan of the XXI century, against the background of Governors Russian era, ranging from Stalin and ending with Gorbachev.

More carefully with the details of the project can be found in the first publication

According to preliminary data, the project expressed their desire to participate more 100 people.

For the role in the project need to send a request in the form of an electric random adresok

In reply you will receive evaluation forms designed specifically to assess the state and political figures.

The results of our work together will be posted on the website, "Military Review".

Welcome to the project!

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