The railway between the two houses. Video


Many people living near the railroad tracks complain about the noise and rattle. However, they were lucky compared with the inhabitants of one of the side streets of Hanoi. Residents of the Vietnamese capital are hiding, hearing the sound of the train, because the path approach closely to their doors, according to Huffington Post.

The phrase "Life on the Edge" takes on new meaning when twice a day you can not leave the house for fear of hitting a train. Movie, which is likely to shock many in the West, was shot settled in Hanoi American Adam Armstrong. Young man working in the tourism company and the debt service used to look carefully at the sides. According to him, the people of Vietnam synchronize watches on the trains that pass by their front door every day.

"It's quite a strange sight. Every day at 16:45 and 18:45 to play in front of the house, children and women who are cutting vegetables in the street, suddenly dramatically gather their belongings and headlong rush home. Quiet patio where another five minutes ago rested peacefully residents of neighboring houses, filled with terrifying crash of metal and clanging, "- said Armstrong.

"It's hard to imagine how many accidents must have happened here over the years. However read it over the faces of local residents impossible. Taking a walk along the rail and occasionally looking in the window, my colleagues and I have always seen smiling people who invited us to his taste the local food and play with their children. Agree to the people to whom train twice a day, almost enters the living room, this behavior is very unusual, "- said the American.

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