The representative of Lockheed Martin: Prices of F-35 fighter jets will fall

The representative of Lockheed Martin: Prices of F-35 fighter jets will be reduced

As reported on February 17 website, Dave Scott, director of international programs from F-35 company Lockheed Martin, said that the price of these fighters for the partner countries is directly depending on the extent of the decline in production. Scott also saw that "in the next couple of years, the company will create every year about 30 cars, and when new applications from partners and programs from nations such as Japan and Israel, it is a good pace."

International Partners for fighter pay as much, and the United States. The current level of primary production nizkoseriynogo LRIP (Low Rate Initial Production) means a higher price, but programm without annoying develops. "We have refined the supply chain, and develop manufacturing processes. Price fighter, so makarom are uniformly decrease, "- said Scott.

He also noted that 6 of the 8 partner countries participating in the program from the stage of development, confirmed the commitment to acquire aircraft or place your order. "These countries have been with us for 10 years" — said Scott. England — partner first level — had brought in the program 2 billion bucks, Italy and the Netherlands — the second-tier partners — one billion dollars and 800 million, respectively, the countries of the third level was made between 125 and 175 million.

"Britain was located an order to purchase 3 cars, the Netherlands — 2-hoo" — said Scott. Italy and Australia in step nizkoseriynogo production produced by four and two respectively fighter. Turkey will become fighters of LRIP 7, Norway — Four F-35 LRIP of 8. Denmark and Canada — partners who still have not entered into contracts for the purchase of F-35. The first fighter to land of the rising sun, and Israel will come from the LRIP 8.

"Some of the partner countries," according to Scott, the currently considering the growth of orders placed, but he did not name these countries. But there are partners, reducing the number of purchased cars. Proper initial order of 132 cars, reduce England. On the abolition of the acquisition of 40 of the 131 fighters announced Italy. Not so long ago, the head of the Ministry of Defence of Australia announced that his country plans to purchase a further batch of 14 vehicles postponed.

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