The representative of the peoples of the Caucasus on the events at the Manege

The representative of the peoples of the Caucasus on the events at the ManegeHis outlook on the causes of the appearance of disorder in Moscow, which was accompanied by a rally on December 11 at Manezh Square, in an interview with RIA Announcements expressed Totorkulov Aly Khasanovich, chairman of the Executive Committee of Russian Congress of Peoples Caucasus.

— Please comment on yesterday's action on Manezh Square.

— If the government does not deal with public policies that deal with the nationalists. What came out yesterday on Manezh Square, may not cause any joy from the 1st ordinary person, no matter what nationality he was. Brutal mass, led by radicals of various stripes, wearing masks, regardless of nationality — is evil. Their youth, can be realized. Difficult to understand the policy of the authorities, who, knowing in advance that something is planned, admit it.

— Consider whether Russian Congress of Peoples of the Caucasus that the interethnic situation in Russia is compounded? If so, what do you think is the reason?

— Interethnic situation in RF compounded with each of days. This is the Achilles' heel RF. It targeting them all enemies of our country.

— In Moscow, there were rumors of a retaliation that Tipo prepare Muscovites natives of the Caucasus regions. Is such a development?

— Knowing Caucasians, I can say with full responsibility that retaliatory actions will be in various forms. In RKNK we strive to prevent mass unrest in the middle of the Caucasian peoples, but isolated and spontaneous response actions to control unrealistic. Evil begets evil.

— Do you think that reflects whether the state strife in Central Russia on the situation of Russian minorities in the North and the South Caucasus?

— Certainly. Idiocy has not been canceled, and the Caucasus as well. In the Caucasus, too, staring TV, read the newspaper and the Web.

— What to do in connection with the situation, who povinet?

— Povinet someone who is smarter. Figure out how in kindergarten, who first started — it nepriznatelnoe and generous. What to do? Determine to public policy in the country. In the greatest country in the world, home to hundreds of ethnic groups and religious denominations have everything, there is no Ministry for Nationalities and Religions, not the House of Representatives, there is no one and nothing to comprehensively solve the outstanding problems. Need to develop a strategic policy and strictly follow it.

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