The reverse side of the universe, there is a parallel world?

Topic Moved to parallel worlds is one of the most popular science fiction, but do you know what a "parallel world"? Once upon a time there was a certain "parallel world — a world that is different from the objective reality of at least one event." But what to do in the event that the worlds are almost identical, because there are also twin worlds … Then this definition is necessary to add that "it is a world that is physically remote from the objective reality of time and space for at least one unit."

It has been over 80 years since the birth of the American physicist Hugh Everett III, who for more than 50 years ago, announced to the world that there is real evidence of the existence of a parallel world. Such a statement was greeted with great restraint. Some scientists eloquently twirled his finger to his temple, while others have attempted to convince him that he was wrong, and others — just shook his hand and thanked him for the appearance of a great "excuse" for the wife (when the question about where the person is detained, it is possible to answer — got into a parallel world and got lost).

This, of course, all the jokes, but some scientists really admired scientific discovery Everett. It is their support was the reason that the young American scientist decided to consult with Niels Bohr about his discovery. However, prior to that, he paid a visit to two representatives of the FBI, who urged him to go to the Pentagon. And there were reasons. If the rumors of the existence of parallel worlds are true, it will give great opportunities to deter Soviet military power …

By Niels Bohr Everett still went, taking with him his wife as a support group. Bohr asked him to try to speak for 10 minutes, but soon lost interest in what was said by a young scientist, and then is told that his ideas are untenable.

However, the fact that there is a sign in parallel worlds, it was believed in ancient times, but no scientific evidence for this was not. Believe in it and British scientists, who provides proof in the case of mysterious disappearances in Kent in the "House of laughter." In 1998, there were four no visitor. In search of children was linked police, but no trace of children were found. Three years later, history repeated itself. At this time, lost two other children, and then another. Remarkably, all the children are well known to each Ruga and disappearances occurred on the last Thursday of the month.

In that parallel universes exist, and Russian scientists believe. For example, a Ph.D. Vladimir Arshinov argues that it is not about the existence of worlds 2-3 models, and there may be 267.

You ask: How to get there? Find the entrance to the other world is not very easy. But maybe it's for the best, because when people got there, successfully came back, much less cases of absolute disappearance.

The theme of parallel worlds has become particularly relevant and fashionable. To it is often invoked in cases where it is impossible to explain the nature of a physical phenomenon.

In the archives of each country there is a lot of information about the mysterious disappearances, which are usually left out of science. And there is a reason — to understand the causes of mysterious events is practically impossible, and to protect the candidate will not work (you can ruin a career in science.) Fortunately, there are a small number of scientists who still take up research mysterious movements. And more of them are inclined to think that the theory of the existence of parallel worlds has every right to exist.

Basics of the theory is the assertion that the universe can exist several parallel worlds, and most of them humanity can communicate. The simplest case of communication — it is a dream. Subconscious during the dream draws the necessary information, and the speed of transmission is much higher than the same rate in the real world: a few hours of sleep a person can "live" not only months, but years of his life, and one minute of sleep before a person can carry the whole film.

But in the dream, people can see not only the objects that surround them in the reality of everyday life. Sometimes a person is shot and some weird, strange, vague images that are not similar to any of the actually existing objects. Where did they come from?

Huge universe is made of small atoms, which have a high internal energy, while remaining invisible to humans. However, there is no denying the fact of their existence, because the man himself is made of atoms. Atoms are in constant motion, the fluctuations have their different frequency, speed and direction of movement. At the expense of humanity and can exist.

Let's think about what would happen in the event that a man could travel at the speed of radio waves. Then, to go around the globe and to be back to the same place it would take a fraction of a second. In this case, would be enough time to consider flashing islands, continents and oceans. And even outside observers would not have noticed, because the human eye can not capture such high-speed traffic.

Now imagine that there are a number of the same world, but its speed is several orders higher than ours. Then, of course, we would not be able to fix it, but our subconscious mind — it always does. Therefore, there is a feeling that the person that you see for the first time you sign, or you've ever been in a particular place, but know what you are not. But no matter how you tried to remember — you do not work, because it happened somewhere at the intersection of the worlds. That's right contact is the worlds with different speed, and it was then and are mysterious cases that still have no real explanation.

Not to be unfounded, a few examples of such contacts.

In 1901, two school teachers and E.Dzhourden A.Moberli, decided to go to Easter tour in Paris. Before that, they had never been to France, so we were amazed architectural splendor of Paris. When they were on tour in the Palace of Versailles, with them and there was one mysterious accident. After a detailed examination of the castle itself, women went to the Small Trianon, which was located on the palace grounds. But because the plan they had, then, of course, that they were lost. Soon they met two men, dressed in 18th century costumes. Taking them for servants, teachers ask for directions. Strange men to look at them, and without saying a word, pointing to an uncertain direction. Soon the woman met a young woman with a child in an old dress, but again did not attach any importance to this. It was only when he met another group, who spoke in a strange French dialect, the teacher began to realize that something strange is happening. But these people did show them the way. When they got to the Small Trianon, they were astonished, met there a lady, apparently aristocrat who painted landscapes in the album. Lady saw women was horrified. Only then will the teacher finally realized that somehow got into the past. Just a moment the picture has changed, and on the site of a group of ladies is quite modern tourists.

Women agreed not to tell anyone about what happened, but in 1911, when both were teaching at the college at Oxford, decided to write about my unusual journey. At that time they have studied in detail the history of Versailles and concluded that they were in 1789, as seen by the lady — no other than herself as Marie Antoinette.

There were a lot of skeptics who questioned the veracity of the story. But they soon changed their minds, because the plan was soon found, made by royal architect, which were displayed all the women described the details.

Described the incident, perhaps, one of the best known, when the eyes of the people living in the modern world, suddenly appear scenes from the past, but such cases have occurred later. In 1926, in London, two women, walking, left the road and ended in a large estate. When they were told that the place is long gone no buildings, the women returned to the place again, but, of course, did not find anything other than roads and ditches.

There have been cases where people disappear. For example, in February 1964, a California lawyer Thomas Mech after the next business day, got my car and drove home. But his house so no one saw. Before disappearing saw him in the hospital nurse Gerberville. According to her, to them, a young man who introduced mechanics and who complained of terrible pain. When the nurse turned away for a moment to verify the number of the insurance policy, the man was gone. Around the same time, police found the car a lawyer involved in an accident near which had traces of man. But after a few meters, they were broken off, as if the man just disappeared into thin air. Tavern body was found 30 kilometers from the accident site. But, as it turned out, he did not die from the received injuries in the accident, and was drowned, and was drowned at a time when he was seen at the hospital …

The mysterious case occurred in 1988, when the car hit the streets of Tokyo by an unknown man, who seemed to fell from the sky. Police rather surprised garment of this man who was clearly old, but they were even more amazed when they saw his passport. He was given 100 years ago. In one of his pockets and found a business card indicating the profession — this man was an artist of the Imperial Theatre in Tokyo. But the streets you have not existed for over 70 years. Police conducted a survey of all residents of the same name. One old lady told me that her father disappeared under mysterious circumstances, and showed a photograph in which a man hit by a car was holding the little girl. The photo was and date — 1902.

Cases of mysterious disappearances were observed recently. So, a few years ago in a train, which was traveling to Acapulco, in the compartment, where there were only a woman with a child and a young surgeon, suddenly appeared a strange man in a long jacket. On his head was a wig, and in his hands — a pen and a big purse. When the surgeon ran for a conductor, a strange man had disappeared. For unattended object, scientists have determined that they belong to the 18th century. And in the archives found records that Bishop de Balenciaga (and that name to represent the country people) said that, returning home at night, he saw a "devil's iron crew," and then is found within it. Then somehow Bishop was back on the streets of Mexico City. After these stories took him for a madman.

What to do with such phenomena? Can we consider them to be true, or it is better to take them to the category of hallucinations? But how to explain that one and the same phenomenon is seen by several people? Answers to these questions provide modern science can not.

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