The scariest haunted house!


Some properties do not become a place of pilgrimage because of its unusual architecture or history, but because of the ghosts inhabiting them.

Someone skeptical smile, some just do not believe in the hereafter, and someone has already experienced the presence of the ghosts for yourself. Point web site has compiled a list worst haunted houses.

Castle Chillingham, Northumberland, England.
The castle was once a convent defense clause, an army barracks and private property. In the days of William Wallace and War of Scottish Independence castle played a crucial role for the defense of the English side. They say that within its walls England's enemies were tortured terribly. Eyewitnesses say that the premises of the castle can still feel the oppressive presence of people who were tortured and even hear their death screams.

Villa Whaley House, San Diego, California.
The villa is considered the "populous" haunted house in the United States. In the last century, the building housed the local court, and in the yard resulted in the execution of sentences of hanging and committed suicide innocently convicted. In 1960, the museum organized in the villa. Since then, visitors often see ghosts "owners" of the house: a hanged man and woman passing through walls. Those wishing to visit the historic building and see the ghosts come from all over the United States.

Hotel Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado.
Hotel Stanley Hotel is familiar to all fans of the famous writer Stephen King, this is where he came up with the story for the future of the novel "The Shining" and that's where the shooting occurred mini-series based on the novel. In the eyes of ordinary people more interesting hotel is not their "connections" in Hollywood, and the ghosts inhabiting it. Guests often see the ghosts of the first innkeeper and his wife. Hotel staff will periodically hears strange noises coming from the free rooms, and see how the piano, standing in the lobby, suddenly starts to play by itself.

Villa Crenshaw House, Illinois.
This villa, built in 1838, is often called the "House of the old slaves." Its former owner, the landowner and industrialist John Crenshaw, was in need of cheap labor for business. Crenshaw has solved the problem simply: he and his men seized the entire family of former slaves. Poor people were kept in the basement of the villa in the tiny closets, prokovannymi to the floor. The slaves constantly bullied, beaten and left hungry. After Crenshaw sold the villa, its new owners have witnessed many paranormal phenomena, ghosts, inhabiting a house, tortured souls are considered slaves. None of the guests could not spend the night in the attic: Long before dawn, they were running, shouting, overcome with terror. The villa was once open to tourists, but now it is owned by the state and the entrance to it is denied.

Villa Winchester House, San Jose, California.
The history of the villa began with ghosts. William Wirt Winchester, inventor, died in 1881, leaving behind his wife Sarah, who was never able to recover from the death of his only child, which happened 15 years before the death of a spouse. Shortly after his death, his widow visited Winchester medium to cause soul of the deceased. Spiritualism session was a success, and the specter of Winchester told his wife that the whole family is a terrible curse. The inventor of the famous Winchester said his invention claimed so many lives, that the dead are about to come for Sarah. The spirit of her husband ordered Sarah to drop everything and move to a new place and start building a house. William warned her that once the construction is over, Sarah dies. Widow heeded the advice of her husband's ghost, moved to San Jose and immediately began building a new home. Under the close supervision of its builders have worked every day from 1884 to 1922, until his death a strange landlady. The result of the protracted construction has become a huge house with 160 rooms. The house looks more like a maze: in an attempt to extend the building, Sarah ordered the workers to carry out unnecessary work. As a result, in the house a lot of unnecessary and bizarre details, such as stairs to the first floor, abutting the ceiling. It is said that those who come into the house, will not be able to get out. And they say that the ghosts of people killed by Winchester, settled in the house, maze and live there to this day.

Castle Loftus Hall, Ireland.
This castle is long and interesting history. Loftus Hall itself was built on the ruins of an older castle in 1350. In 1870, the dilapidated building was torn down and built a new one. Legend has it that in the mid-18th ESA stranger knocked on the castle and asked for the night. The owners of the castle did not deny the wanderer and took him to his home. During the dinner, the daughter accidentally leaned over and saw that the stranger's feet — transparent. The girl screamed, the stranger immediately vanished into the air and leaving a hole in the ceiling. The girl died soon after, and settled in a house haunted. The family asked the local priest to banish evil spirits, and after the consecration of the walls of the castle ghosts invasion stopped. However, they say that the ghost of the unfortunate girl is still wandering around the castle.

Hotel Historic Anchorage Hotel, Alaska.
Externally the hotel does not look like a gloomy castle with ghosts, but the hotel and staff, and visitors claim to see the ghost — a common occurrence. The most famous ghost — the spirit of an abandoned bride who hanged herself in a hotel room right in her wedding dress, she learned that her fiance had fled from the wedding. Visitors talk about falling off the walls paintings, breaking partitions, curtains, etc. exploding The innkeepers are so used to "own" the ghosts that are even special magazine, which describes in detail all the incidents and regularly report them to the media to attract new visitors.

Villa Beauregard house, New Orleans, Louisiana.
New Orleans is considered the "prividencheskim" U.S. city: show tourist attractions in the form of haunted houses for local people as well commonplace, both Muscovites point the way to Red Square. This house, which belonged at the time of the Civil War, the North and the South, one of the generals of the Confederate Army, and later acquired a family of Italian immigrants. In the 40s of the 20th century in the house started paranormal activity: vzvodimyh sounds of guns during the Civil War, voices giving orders.

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