The Secret Life of primates watch online

The Secret Life of primates watch online
Zoologist Charlotte Ulenbrok leaves at tropical greenery and mountains of East Africa, and Asia, hoping to get close to the monkeys closer than anyone else. Charlotte manages to reveal a complex social structure and shed light on the behavior of the sex appeal of four families of primates — the mountain gorillas, orangutans, chimpanzee and baboons. Follow the life of primates lurking allows the introduction of small-sized camera.

Episode 1: Chimps / Episode 1: Chimpanzee

Charlotte's journey begins in the beautiful rainforest Budongo area 433 square meters. km Central Uganda. She sails away to a secluded place for research, which will follow the chimpanzee society "Sons".

Episode 2: Baboons / Episode 2 Baboons

We met a group of baboons, and then in decades constantly monitored researcher Guy Norton and his team.

Episode 3: Orangutans / Episode 3: Orangutans

Orangutan could be the first extinct species of apes. Charlotte goes to the Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre and the Tabin reserve on Borneo peninsula to find out more about these primates and how to prepare them to survive in feral criteria.

Episode 4: Gorillas / Episode 4: Gorilla

Charlotte Ulenbrok travels the feral area off the coast of the Congo River in search of vanishing mountain gorillas.

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