The sun is expected to regular flash and magnetic storms

Sun entered the cycle of activity, as a result you can expect regular flares and magnetic storms. This was stated by the representative of the Novokuznetsk planetarium Ilya Kiselev.

Regular solar flare will occur in the near future due to the occurrence of lights in the activity cycle, said Kiselev "Interfax" reports look.

According to him, in July, with the appropriate tools engineers can observe how the substance is released at a distance of 1 million kilometers from the sun. In addition, the sun may cause stains.

"These events will take place in the sun with enviable regularity, and some of them can be seen with a conventional telescope," — said the source.

Meanwhile, as reported at NASA (National aeronautics and Space Administration, USA) has recently occurred in the sun quite a serious outbreak, and it peaked at 5.55 on Eastern Standard Time on July 4. Flash, fixed solar dynamic observatory was class 5.3.

According to astronomers, solar flares can affect the Earth's magnetic field cause magnetic storms. In addition, they affect the passage of cyclones, and the spots on the sun before even trying to determine the areas where we should expect a drought. Also notes the impact of this phenomenon on the health of the inhabitants of the earth.

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