The temperature in the chambers of Americans — about 10 degrees

The prisoner KGB investigation prison journalist Natalia Radin became ill with bronchitis. Relatives of the detainees say the low temperature in the chambers.

The fact that the editor of "Charter 97" Natalia Radin became ill with bronchitis, said her mother, Nadezhda referring to the lawyer, who was seen with Natalia January 18 at the time of investigation:

"She has a bad cough, a very dry cough. I bought some cough medicine, and today handed over, took everything, "- said Hope Radin.

By Hope Radin, in a letter from her daughter, which she recently received, the disease is not a word. Enslaved mother explains that the letter was written several days ago.

In investigating KGB prison "American" is not the first case of bronchitis among those arrested in the case on December 19. Last week it became known that the ill Vladimir Kobets, head of the electoral headquarters of Andrei Sannikov. Kobets wife Juliana said referring to the lawyer that her husband complained that the camera is cold, and asked me to give him a warm things. By Juliana Kobetc in prison have made some steps in the treatment of Vladimir Kobets:

"He gave his lawyer that he was transferred to another warm and set the camera to control his health following a paramedic."

According to reports, some cameras "American" is pretty cool. This was reported Olga Bondarenko with reference to information from relatives of prisoners who are in the "American girl" in other cases:

There are 10 plus, they say. I really do not see how they pinpointed it, as it is unlikely there gradusniki.

"There are 10 plus, they say. I really do not see how they pinpointed it, as it is unlikely there gradusniki. Apparently, it's sensations have determined that the low temperatures. "

At the very least, the husband of Olga Dmitry Bondarenko still no letters, although the majority of the prisoners at least one letter the family received. Olga Bondarenko did not rule out that as revenge for her refusal to persuade her husband to change the position regarding the events of December 19.

January 19, some lawyers continued to attempt to get to their clients. The office of the KGB in the morning waiting for their turn lawyer Ales Mikhalevich Oleg Agueyev. "It took all the first half of the day was — in the same place," — said "Radio Liberty" lawyer. At the time of reporting the meeting with a lawyer by former presidential candidate failed.

Today it is not met with lawyers Andrei Sannikov, Statkevich, Khalip . "Do not be provoked," — meet lawyers. January 17 Tamara Sidorenko, protecting Vladimir Neklyaeva, filed a complaint to the Chief "American" that is not provided him the right to meet with his client. On the eve of the prosecutor's office of Minsk also pointed out the leadership of the KGB detention center on the fact that there are no conditions to meet lawyers with their clients. Or that changed today, ask the lawyer:

"I wrote that complaint, just sitting in the waiting room KGB in the queue. At that time, the investigator received my petition to ensure the right to meet. Of course, a little bit of time has passed, but at least some progress could be. But they are not. "

The mother of Andrei Sannikov Alla says she is glad the letter from his son, who had yesterday, but realizes that he just can not write:

"The lawyers still have not got. In any case, to him and to Irina. A letter to … We understand what this letter. Write all, the message will not come. "

As the mother of Andrei Sannikov, the relatives of other inmates say they received only one letter from a few which were specifically addressed to them. Natalia Klaskouski, wife arrested Alexander Klaskouski, received a letter in the form of almost torn:

"Wrote a lot of emails sent, but reached only this. Apparently, strained and did not intend to send, but something has changed and still sent. "



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