The textbook for second graders offered Grey Wolf Little Red Riding Hood to undress and go to him in bed

"Non-canonical" version of the taleIn the "literary reading" for children 8-9 years published "non-canonical" version of the tale.
Book "literary reading" for second graders, approved, among others, Ministry of Education, excited the public. It is published, to say the least, "non-canonical" translation of "Red Riding Hood" by Charles Perrault. The new version shines unexpected details. First, hats gave "unprecedented beauty: her mother mad about her was, and my grandmother really mad," although I do not for a young heroine noticed special external data. Confused readers and obsolete words and phrases: "ponavedatsya", "rastabaryvat", "by the way" — vocabulary, atypical for the translation of French fairy tales. But some details of the plot, by contrast, were too modern.
"When she came in, and a good wolf wrapped in a blanket, so she did not recognize him, and says:
— Put it somewhere so pot pie oil and lie down with me.

Little Red Riding Hood undressed and went to bed. She was surprised that, without such a strange dress grandmother. "
Indeed, what is striking about this situation! But it is easy to imagine the astonishment of students: the wolf is no dress against all the rules of camouflage, and the Caps have a very strange view of the relationship with his family. Finally, there is no happy ending? End in the final is not provided — predator quietly devouring the poor girl. However, some web users believe that such books — a predictable consequence of educational reforms. "What is so surprising? These days, such education, "- says one of the bloggers.
I decided to familiarize themselves with an unusual tale. And it turned out that this was not hastily concocted translator-educated version. Moreover, translation is written by classic — Ivan Turgenev. A child is invited to compare the version of the author of "Fathers and Sons" with the familiar and find the differences. Of course, those jobs broadens the mind — but it takes a similar physiological insight into the history of 8 — 9-year-old kids? After all, a fairy tale with a striptease can affect their fragile psyche and cause premature for their age thinking. Or is it just us, spoiled adults, trying to see all "strawberry"?
I asked this question to the experts.
— I am totally against such innovations! — Says child psychologist Anton Sorin. — To anything pedal erotic themes in the formation of today's children, who are already living in a world where it sounds from all directions — in advertisements, on television, in the movies. And you have to realize that now the guys grow and develop much faster than their predecessors, and thus, it can feel erotic subtext in these stories. At least need to adhere to a common policy of censorship and filing stories, and do not offer only one alternative version, which can shock the children.

"Non-canonical" version of the tale

— The horror of some kind. I find it hard to believe that experienced and respected experts have put a version of the tales in the official textbook — outraged Methodist Olga Uzorova. — Maybe it's a mistake the editor? If so, this is an unforgivable mistake. However, I was also once incident — about eight years ago in a collection of dictations put a story about magic mushrooms Indians. Journalists have been criticized for that, too, as I recall. But I really did not even know about the existence of a different context. But that means getting naked, understand everything — both adults and children. And the grim finale kids to anything — let faith in the triumph of justice.
— Fairy tales always struck me in the neighborhood are beautiful and terrible, plenty of bloody scenes and erotic elements, — says Marina Knyazev, a specialist in the psychology of culture from MSU. — But, by the way, I must say that European fairy tales far more violent than the Russian, in which evil is more serious. This is due to the fact that the life of the Russian people has always been difficult even without the intervention of the dark forces and people had to keep some hope. In any case, all countries stories reflect the world as it is — but it does have sex and violence. But earlier it was justified — Tales aims to prepare children, and adults too, to the difficulties of life. This kind of training — with what dangers you may encounter and what retribution awaits you if you lead the wrong itself. Now kids can learn about sex and violence from other sources — and fairy tales, on the contrary, should protect them from this, to talk about the good and bright. So I am clearly against such experiments in children's books.
— After such a public reaction to the story, we decided to change the textbook — Olga told me Zheleznyakov employee publishing "Education", published the widely discussed book. — Next year will be a new edition without the translation of Turgenev. Although the intentions we had the best intentions — to acquaint children with different types of stories, to show its history.
I must say, CAM Perro "cap" is not invented — it's an old European fairy tale. And in the original horror story so much that Turgenev never dreamed of. There is not just a wolf kills grandmother, but also prepares the body of her dish, and from blood — the drink. Then treats this dubious culinary COME girl. Grandma's cat wants to warn the girl about the composition of foods, but the wolf kills Mike Farley hit a wooden shoe. Then offers the girl to undress and lie down next to him, and clothes thrown into the fire. She dutifully obey and only ulegshis beside the wolf, says the "grandmother" a catch. And die without having time to really wonder. So the Russian students are lucky that the Methodists were not deeper acquaint them with the history of European folklore. And while moms and dads current second graders must prepare for the unexpected issues.

Anecdote in the subject

Little Red Riding Hood went to the forest, and then to meet her, Gray Wolf. He looked at Little Red Riding Hood, and says:
— Well, choose, Red Riding Hood, as it is now accepted in the business, either — the merger, or — absorption.

Another Teen

What else we do not know about their favorite fairy tales?

"Sleeping Beauty"

The original version of Perrault's fairy tale princess was to sleep for one hundred years and not a day more — and on any princes that period was independent. All the more so with the arrival of the hero in the white coat (which coincided with the cherished date) heroine began continuous problems. First, the couple did not cope magnificent wedding and secretly betroth then princess gave birth to two children. Second, then invited her to visit in-law, who was … ogress. Prince was worth going to war, as his mother told chop-law and grandchildren at the delicatessen. And if not resourceful butler, who had hidden the unfortunate family in the stable, and the woman slipped the meat of animals instead of human flesh, a princess bed and her children eternal sleep. Besides, the Perrault borrowed the plot from another website XVII century — Giambattista Basile. The one princess slept so soundly that he had to wake her up to more powerful tools than a kiss.


In the Brothers Grimm version of Cinderella's sisters have to put yourself injury during competition for a shoe — and, accordingly, the hand and heart of the prince. To get into the precious slipper, one of the nurses cut off his big toe, and the other — the heel. But all efforts in vain — the blood stains issue scam. But this is not the limit of cruelty writers moralists. Before the wedding, the sisters managed to curry favor with Cinderella and go to the celebration with her. But they are blinded suddenly attacked pigeons — they say, there is nothing hypocritical. Happiness Suite this episode does not spoil.

"Three Bears"

Although we are accustomed to consider the tale of his, folk, her story came to us from England — in 1837 it published poet Robert Susie. And initially "Masha" was not a pretty girl, but a ragged beggar-old woman. And the old woman acted desperately — besides that broke into the house, ate porridge and slept in the master bed, but also jumped out of the window when it bears caught. The further fate of grandmothers kaskadershi unknown. True, there is the Canadian version of the tale, where the angry bear caught the uninvited guest, throws it on the spire.


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