The transformations are never easy

The transformations are never easyWhen a person goes from the Armed Forces, in his mind and memory remains the army, in which he served. I have so far, like you, am proud of the Armed Forces who have been in the 70's — early 80's: strong, well-prepared and maintained location.

5 major tasks

Unfortunately, in the 20 years of the Russian army was not only lost reserve, made in Russian time, and not bought anything new. It is a fact that is heavily regulated.

And when, in 2008, Russian Defence Minister Anatoly E. Serdyukov was, and I — Chief of the General Staff, stood before us is accurate, clear picture of what needs to be done first. We realized that the strength of the Armed Forces should be less than 1 million people. This is due not only to the economy, and with the demographic pit into which the country fell, and in 2012 will fall even more.

We took as a base principle: the army must correctly in real-time to meet the challenges of our time, to reflect any danger to our country. We know that these tasks have to be solved without additional funding, since the reform there were no funds. We had to come from internal resources, because the country lacked funds started the global monetary crisis. These were the starting position.

Do you remember that first the past year, we put in front of him five main objectives.

First. Of mobilization, scattered army of large deteriorating structures to collect battle-worthy grouping, moving all the parts on a system of permanent readiness. They must be completed by the state of war, and yet equipped with what we have.

2nd. Equip our army is not new, but at least the standards of modern weapons and military equipment. But I have to be honest: this day of such samples in Russia in fact. Even the most run-down artillery systems, at least some of the western army have the shortest range of shooting 41 kilometers, with all this all lead fire precision-guided munitions. And our howitzer D-30 2S3 "Acacia", 2C1 "Carnation" 2S19 "MSTA" and others are capable of hitting targets at ranges of 15 to 21 kilometers. And so at least what standard, if we compare.

At this point you need not hang back and do not criticize each other, but to create the newest army. Come what may. The first time we put the question this way: handouts are not poor should receive the Armed Forces to retool, and all the necessary tools that will really do it. And those 20 trillion rubles laid down in the program from GPV-2020, make it possible to perform zagadanoe.

3rd. To bring up a new officer. At the moment, they say: you broke up the army. But for some reason for all this is not enough people remember the 90s and even the early 2000s, when up to 60 percent of lieutenants — graduates of military schools were fired immediately after graduation. And the other — for the first 2-years of service. Are we truly prepared when the officers without the drawbacks? Unlimited number of military schools worked just idling. Everyone knows it, but no one at the moment about it reads as if it was not.

And why the officers were leaving? For two reasons: poor currency allowances and no flats. This dilemma, too, was to be solved. Because to raise new officer, which have looked at the eyes of the war did not last, and the future, you and wish we did or not, change the system of military education.

Here, for example, the Military Academy of the General Staff of the Armed Forces. In 2008 there from all the teachers, and it is about 500 people, only three of them have served in the armed forces. Only three people! And the other inverse path was formed as follows: school, junior researcher, senior researcher, PhD (thesis), the Frunze Military Academy (doctoral thesis), teacher VAGSH, head of the department. Neither the 1st day or in the army. Because the question arose: who and who prepares it? I had to rebuild almost everything. But no one is going to take an example from the West either as a whole or with the United States viz.

4th. Armed conflict, as you know, are transient, do not leave time for mobilization deployment. Because troops should be in constant readiness to perform combat tasks. This forms the quality you need and every soldier, every officer who teach them. And it also required the processing of all the guidelines, instructions, regulations, manuals, which were aimed more at the last war. We have four of their already processed for the near future, but so far have not received gratification. Only towards the end of 2011, it is hoped, will be able to bring up to standard.

5th. Socialist bloc. There was a lot of criticism. Until now, some difficulties remain with the same allocation of housing. There were moments when the officers were given inspection warrant for the apartment in the house, which also had no foundation. All this we know. But gradually managed to reverse the situation and here. We do everything to ensure that every soldier had a flat.

As for service apartments, we are committed to provide their officers in 2012. Official housing should only be built next to a military unit.

Who needs the troops?

Many questions appear on the currency and allowances. They were not so easy to solve. Held multiple cabinet meeting. On one of the last, as you know, Vladimir Vladimirovich. Putin said they had discussed this dilemma until late enough in the hard mode. It is proved that the lieutenant January 1, 2012 will receive a 50 to 80 thousand rubles. Why? Anything above 50 — is different gain proficiency for the duration of service, etc. Previously these fictitious bonuses there over 20. Now there were 5. But they are pretty much exposure as you are aware, the size of the monetary allowances and pensions.

The mobilization component. We deliberately went for something to change it. As a person, the last service from platoon commander to the Chief of General Staff, understand perfectly: the commanders of the platoon, company, battalion engaged directly combat and mobilization training fail. All the officers to the army commander, inclusive, in the first place should be only combat and operational training. But already at the level of military neighborhood management can and should engage in mobilization readiness. There is this feature just left. So unless we have destroyed the mobilization component? No, we just moved out of her company, battalion, regiment on the level of military neighborhood, was charged in the neighborhood of the duties of the commander. With all of this done befitting structure. And now the whole mobilization potential, and it is above the 180 teams that can be formed in the field, is run by the command of the military districts (USC).

Moreover. Under these mobilization resources laid equipment, weapons, logistical supplies, almost everything else. So Makarov, no one broke the mobilization readiness. Because state that we slabnet mobilization resource, quite correctly.

In the Armed Forces — about 725 thousand fighter. The guy came back and served a year — is that no resource mobilization? Well and miscellaneous fees for the retraining of officers, other activities also RESERVE not interrupted, they are held.

Follow-up — about the service at the call for 1-year. Prepare for that time period competent, qualified specialists from yesterday's student is very difficult. Get at least the same repairman. He studies the technique of six months, which should repair, and six months preparing for the dismissal. But at the m
oment we are reducing training time such professionals to 3 months due to the intensification of the educational process. This will speed up their training, will allow a year do four issues.

We made sure that we need to increase the contract is not the troops who had. When contractors were paid 6-8 thousand rubles were collected in Russia people who did not find their place in life. For what? Later to suffer from such military?

Since January 1, 2012 salary contractor will be approximately 35 thousand rubles, and on the basis of what should be a tough selection. Thus for the above will be considered as capable of one or another candidate to learn and master the complex military equipment and weapons. If it passes the first step, then it is a contract for the next passage of military service. No — doskorogo date. To stress that we need a highly trained, skilled fighter, but, sorry, not cannon fodder.

Military education. We are transforming and improving it. The main thing is that our lieutenant was not the way it was received at the exit of the military university in the near future: with a huge badge on his cap battened down, a cigarette in his mouth, his hands in the pockets and mate peremat. These lieutenants do not have to. We need an educated, prepared, intelligent man — the officer what all the commanders want to create in my department or military unit. It is aimed specifically at the military training, no one is going to destroy it. And if we are wrong in something, then by all means listen to anyone who knows this dilemma and is working with us in close contact, including the Academy. Yes, and blindly copying foreign experience, I repeat, not going to.

As for the rotation of officers. Adopted a position that was found in the Russian army. The officer, who has served 3-5 years in one place, should be rotated. We carry a line already the second year. But, as it turns out, it is very difficult. Here is a specific example. For example, the young man began his service as a lieutenant in the military surrounded the Metropolitan, was promoted to major, without going beyond it, and even for the Moscow ring road. When he offered to go to Siberia, the Far East for a top job, refused. And many of these cases. Then the approach should be the same: you will not go — down the report on the dismissal of the Armed Forces.

So now, only in one of the military administration of the Metropolitan Area 8 percent of the officers immediately put on the table the reports. Since some got dachas, have engaged in microbusiness … Of course, a person is not up to the service, and even more so not to training and education of employees. And it is necessary that officer engaged only in its military affairs. Because the rotation has been, is and will be. No one at the same place and on the same post for more than 3-5 years is not zasiditsya.

As for nedavneshnego the increase in the Armed Forces for 70 thousand officers, it is linked to the creation of new high-tech structures in the army and navy. Including air and space defense. In addition, by further order of the President submitted missile division in the SRF. Currently growing army aviation, air defense, a system of the Army. And all of this will require people. But we are not going to return back anyone. These officers will have to prepare not only in the higher military educational institutions, some people take from the civilian technical schools, because engineers are needed first.

Tasks and functions separately

There have been a lot of configuration and structure, functions Command of the Armed Forces, which also has been criticized. But the main commands, as you remember, partly copied the functions of the General Staff. They were vtochnosti similar bodies: the operational management and others. In the neighborhood of the structure of the military, the army — the same thing. Here is the back-up system was far from the top down is not the most effective, as is often the senior commander kicks drove downstream.

We offered to walk away from this and make the structure, which itself should work. Live. Because shared tasks and functions. Now any of the 3 Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces (Air Force, Navy, Army) is not responsible for the 43 tasks that previously stood in front of him, and only 5. First — the construction of their own species Sun 2nd — The organization of combat and operational training. 3rd — peacekeeping operations. 4th — training and retraining of officers and sergeants. 5th — to develop the requirements for a specimen of weapons and military equipment of the Armed Forces own, control over their implementation at the plants defense. Everything. But it's a lot, and well, that data puzzles solved perfectly in time.

Now this mechanism to run. That done everywhere at the highest Done combat training, which some people have forgotten how to organize.

We ran over to the two three-tier system of governance and accountability, which greatly simplifies and makes it more transparent, cost-effective and least financially note. It's much easier decision facing the commander in chief tasks. And the commander of the brigade commander has no other trouble, apart from training. Boiler they are not engaged, the fuel does not drive up, the light does not bother them, do not need to paint the fences.

So much work is being done. There are still many unsolved problems on which you need to work hard. What we're passionate about.

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