The Typhoon — an armored vehicle on the basis of the Urals — 63095

Armored car "Ural-63095" is intended to perform the tasks on the transport of persons (personnel) of cargo for various purposes and towing trailers decisions on various types of roads and off-road. Military purpose armored vehicles "Ural-63095 '- transportation of personnel or cargo area of a military conflict, the adoption of a particular role in it.

In the development of machine designers used the most advanced solutions in the design, equipment, units and armored protection. According to the statements of designers, "Ural-63095" stand undermining 8 kg of TNT.

Brand new car "Ural-63095" was one of fifty samples of special techniques demonstrated in late January at Moscow exhibition closed. Apart from this, the designers Automobile "Ural" submitted for review, seven more promising vehicles with four-wheel drive of the 2nd mission. The exhibition was held at the municipal improvements programmke defense order. This machine is offered for the Interior Ministry, but the Department of Internal Troops no hurry to make any conclusion with regard to the project "Typhoon". Earlier, in the middle of 2011, the head of the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation, at the ongoing show promising samples Russian military technology mission, made the statement that "Typhoon" on the basis of the Urals will be acquired in the near future to the needs of the Russian army.

At present, armored machine runs a set of tests. According to the developers car plant "Ural" Russian GAZ Group, the newcomer machine Reliability than modern armored personnel carriers, and it can withstand the undermining of various explosive devices directly to the anti-tank mines. On the main features of the "Typhoon" on the basis of the Urals, zabugornom not inferior to their peers. As commented, the ability of the machine, the chief designer of the project — "a new armor set to" Typhoon ", fails to protect transported people and goods is different from the act of small weapons or explosive devices directly to the anti-tank mines." Now, you can meet a worldview that statements are not accurate enough, because the naked eye can see imposed on the gas tank on the car, hit the which of small tools or debris, would negate the ability of booking car.

All-wheel drive tri-axle functional frame machine "Typhoon" on the basis of the Ural-63095 has a 3-seater cabin and a module for up to twelve people. In some sources can meet the multifunction machine module is designed for 16 people, maybe refers to the modification of "Ural-63095." Formula cargo-wheel armored cars 6X6. Bronekabina provided a sleeping sofa, multifunction bronemodule that provides reliable protection of transported people and goods. Armored chassis "Typhoon" has a self-contained type hydro-pneumatic suspension. Mounted engine — a 450 — strong, having excessive power. Made engine Yaroslavl Motor Plant, which also comes in the Russian GAZ Group. JAMZ-E5367 has an automatic 6-speed manual, mechanical 2-speed transfer case, liquid cooling, and direct fuel injection. The engine is a turbocharged diesel performance is made by the latest environmental standards Euro 4. Provided hydraulic steering 2 extraneous acts.
Brand new car project "Typhoon" has inflated property patency, which is to overcome the 60-degree rise, 2-meter-ford and 60-centimeter vertical obstacles. Ural-63095 has two fuel tanks with a total capacity of 600 l .. According to reports, the thickness of the armored glass — 130 mm, weight of the glass itself — 300 kilograms per square meter, it is able to withstand armor-piercing bullet fired from a KPVT to 200 meters.

On the armored car can set various weapons, such as machine gun (on the roof), which will be operated remotely from bronemodulya. Of equipment, we note a satellite navigation system and night vision devices. In an armored unit has an LCD monitor, which displays different information and from which can be kept under control and regulate the internal systems of armored vehicles.

The family of "Typhoon" consists of 3 types of armored vehicles, 2-bonnet "Ural" and 1st cabover "KamAZ". On traits bronezaschischennosti they are not inferior to their counterparts zabugornom «MRAP». Machines of the "Typhoon" — absolutely brand new development, which is not an ordinary Russian modernization trucks. "Typhoon" — project GAZ Group, they are engaged in car factories "Ural", "KAMAZ" and a number of other factories and companies. Approximate time of completion and testing — 2014. Developments are carried out in several directions at once:
— armored 6×6, 4×4, 2×2;
— cabover bonnet and implementation;
— Frame and housing.

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