The use of automated control designed to overcome tankers over infantry

The use of ACS determined the victory over infantry tank

In the Western military environment (WEST) ends oboestoronnee Command Post teaching, which takes place in the largest landfill in Europe Gorokhovetsky in the Nizhny Novgorod region.

During the week, units of motorized infantry brigade held off the advancing forces of the tank brigade, and after all the activities mobile defense and causing the greatest defeat the advancing enemy fled to the counter … and lost …

In the process of teaching the command of Field Army, whose headquarters is stationed in the Nizhny Novgorod region, checked the readiness of the compounds, the ability of personnel to operate the alarm in time to prepare arms and military equipment to use.

When extending to areas of implementation units made many kilometers of wetlands in the criteria for active actions of subversive groups of the enemy, who attacked the column, affect the performance of the wireline, also stormed points temporary deployment units in the field.

In the process of teaching brigade commanders based only on disk imaging, acquired from their own intelligence units, the position and actions of the imaginary enemy, perceived their own decisions on application units.

The main feature of the doctrine was oboestoronnego application Tank Brigade modern automatic control system (ACS) with the introduction of electric maps and digital data channels, while a motorized rifle compound used traditional control system with the introduction of analogue radio and telephone lines, as ordinary cardboard topographic maps.

The result of the commanders and staffs, as the real action forces the tankers were victorious, beating all the characteristics motorized rifle brigade.

Teaching once again showed that application ASU at times increases the efficiency of the introduction of combined arms combat and is a major factor in the successful accomplishment of combat missions.

A total of teaching attracted more than 1,000 soldiers and involved more than 300 pieces of weapons and military equipment.

Conducting exercises oboestoronny allows commanders and staffs of "feel real, live opponent," and every miscalculation or erroneous decision can lead to a "shock probation."

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