The use of gsm alarms to protect

The use of gsm alarms to protect

With the development of mobile communication standards was made possible the creation and implementation of security devices in their daily activities. The basis of such devices is a GSM module and the main task of this module relay excitement to the end user. In addition to this element of the device is also necessary module for wireless sensors. Wireless sensor, connected to the alarm when triggered sends a signal to the excitement, which then transmitted to the mobile phone holder signaling. The development and implementation of technologies has allowed the creation of gsm alarm significantly lower cost per unit, which now starts at 3 thousand rubles.

More vserasprostranennoy scope of this technology is the security signaling Country house and garden houses from unauthorized penetration. The villain went into the room determined how or perimeter sensor: infrared motion sensor, a vibration sensor (if absorbed through the narrow window or partition) or reed sensors mounted on the window frame or door clearance. In addition to security functions gsm signaling allows you to connect to testify and other more useful sensors, for example monitoring sensors gas leakage or fire detectors that allows to implement an additional level of security. Many gsm alarm equipped camera that standards for data transmission MMS, you can send images to mobile object with a resolution of up to 640h400 pixels, which is quite in order to find the main anthropometric characteristics of the person penetrated by an object. Integrated IR illumination allows to obtain high-quality images even in total acquired mist. For country houses where there was no electricity or power outage occurs during the winter period there is a whole range of self-contained devices that owning frost and low power consumption are able to firmly protect the country house cool during the whole period.

If used to protect a suburban garden gsm alarm that may be implementation, except the functions of protection, as the device controlling the temperature of the air, which is especially pressing issues in the autumn and winter period. Built into many gsm alarm relays allow you to control external electrical equipment: for example include heating boilers or oil cooler. A application gas leak detectors or water leakage, in lien with fire sensors, makes it possible to control all the processes of life-support at home.

At present, the development of gsm technology does not stand still and come to replace the third-generation networks, so called 3G. This development allows you to receive live video from the protected object. The only thing that stops the widespread introduction of this technology, unlike vserasprostranennoy the second generation used in existing gsm alarms, it is lacking maturity of 3G network which reduces the coverage area.

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