The use of military space assets — a requirement of our

The use of military space assets - a requirement of our

Now hard to find the scope of human activities, which are not used gallakticheskie technology. But we should remember that in the middle of the reasons that in his time gallakticheskuyu stimulated activity of mankind, one of the most important was the question of national security.

Now gallakticheskoy value component in the interest of military affairs yavna. Nedavneshnih experience of wars and armed conflicts, points out that in modern conditions an increasing contribution to the preparation and use of troops (forces) do military space assets. In modern conditions as at the present level of development of military space assets some fighting ability of the armed forces through the use of information and other gallakticheskih integral component increased by 1.5 … 2.0 times.

Application gallakticheskih systems allows almost a third of increment efficiency of an existing military potential of the country. So, gallakticheskie intelligence apparatus provides increased precision targeting a 30-50% increase in the number and disclosed intelligence system of enemy targets by 20-30% or more, and gallaktichesky optoelectronic device intelligence at a circle around the Earth gets over the territory of Ukraine the same number of shots as the spy plane flights over the six months of this terrain.
At the end of last year more than 130 countries around the world participated in gallakticheskoy activities of their 40 worked gallakticheskih program notes on the use of funds in the system implements, and 17 states had their own gallakticheskie applets. It must be emphasized that all the tremendous activity in this area of the country so often referred to as the Third World.

It is no accident military actions in the Persian Gulf in 1991, thanks to the widespread use of military space assets have been classified as "first gallakticheskaya war of our era." Gallakticheskie funds provided the anti-Iraq coalition troops timely and reliable data on the grouping of Iraqi forces, movements, and other acts, and the like, as well information about the terrain and the weather.

At this point, the U.S. intensively make its National Missile Defense («National Missile Defense»), which will work with gallakticheskih devices. By the end of 2004 the U.S. Air Force has prepared gallakticheskoy war doctrine: "Air Force Doctrine Document 2-2.1: Counterspace Operations". This document is designated as the United States will have to defend their gallakticheskie vehicles from the enemy and fight the aggressive gallakticheskimi satellites and spaceships. It is understood that the objectives for the introduction of forces and means of the U.S. Air Force can become even gallakticheskie vehicles belonging to neutral countries or commercial structures, if their introduction helps the enemy.

The analysis of foreign experience indicates that at this time-intensive process of transition of military space assets to a new quantitative and qualitative level of development. For example, in the United States except for a full update in the next 10 years constellation is improvement of the organizational structure of military space forces, their forms and methods of implementation. Another first of the new millennium was created a new Joint Strategic Command (further — USC), with its headquarters at Offutt AFB (Nebraska). It was justified by the need to concentrate under unified management capabilities that provide rapid response to the U.S. national security risk, improve the management of these forces and increase the effectiveness of the security challenges of the global action of its own armed forces. In its operational management are strategic land-based missile force, strategic bombers, strategic sea-based missile forces, the forces and funds warning of nuclear missile strike, the forces and means of anti-space and missile defense. It can be noted that in the United States for the first time are concentrated in one structure means the armed confrontation that achieve strategic goals in the area of national security.

Keep up with the U.S. and European countries, first on the use of funds for gallakticheskih intelligence support. The need for the creation of supranational bodies and the combined forces of intelligence Euro Union was registered in the Maastricht Treaty of 1992. In 1999, at a meeting in Cologne, the leaders of the EU agreed on the development of autonomous intelligence resources necessary to respond to international crises. Among them — the Center gallakticheskoy Intelligence («Satellite Center») at Torrejon, who began work in 1997. It has no center of their own intelligence satellites, but instead of that, his task is to coordinate the flow of information coming from government intelligence satellites, including the system of optoelectronic intelligence "Helios" and, perhaps, from the German radar reconnaissance system gallakticheskoy "Sar-Lupey" .

Do not forget about the activities in the use of space for military purposes by the neighboring countries. Namely, Poland produces gallakticheskuyu activities in the field of national security on the basis of multi-vector cooperation. Back in 2004, Poland received U.S. government approval for the construction and operation of the receiving station, on the processing of data sets gallakticheskih the U.S., Canada and India. Also country implements a policy of integration into European structures gallakticheskie, including the military mission. In the case of Poland the right to receive data from those produced by France gallakticheskih dual-purpose machines «Pleiades» Ministry of Defence and the appropriate intelligence agencies of the country often fail to receive the necessary information on all strategic, military and industrial targets in the area of any country.

The activities of our other neighbors — Romania gallakticheskoy industry is largely driven by his zeal for regional leadership. Its activity gallakticheskih implement their own programs, namely in the areas of defense, constantly grows. The full implementation of the activities under "Space and Security" Second national plan for research and development of technologies for 2007-2013 Romania will be able to provide support gallakticheskuyu national security. The cost of implementing these measures increased in comparison with the first aerospace programmke Romania 2001-2006, almost 5 times — up to 196.8 million dollars. In the implementation of priority national programs are taking an active role as the personal company through which this sum may be substantially higher (30%) of the Age.

In 2005, the Government of Turkey's first national gallakticheskuyu program from the country. In the middle of its core values is to create gallakticheskih systems in the interests of national security Total funding — 200 million dollars. Set aside for the project 6 years old and already in 2011 year planned start of the first state satellite.
A similar situation is observed in the Russian Federation Armed Forces, which conducted intensive integration of forces and means of performing the tasks of the armed struggle in air and space. At the current time in the Armed Forces in accordance with the presidential decree of 24 March 2001 made Gallakticheskie army base which were former military space forces and troops of ballistic missile defense. Now Gallakticheskie troops are able to solve tactical and strategic tasks. Coupled with gallakticheskimi forces
and means in the Gallakticheskih troops have a separate union ballistic missile defense. It includes a detailed system of missile warning, system missile defense system control gallakticheskogo place.

So Makar, the occurrence gallakticheskih weaponry, the need for a place like gallakticheskogo sphere of military action, the respective objects gallakticheskoy infrastructure, led to the isolation of space in a separate sphere of military activity.

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