The village Allak Altai region is building a school

The village Allak Kamensky District at the site today employs more than 70 people. To help the staff of "Glory" in July, construction crew arrived, the soldiers' Agrarnik. " Villagers watch as was shaped two-story school, the newspaper "Altai truth." Overall cost of the project, commissioned by the administration Kamensky District — more than 170 million rubles. With a view to optimizing costs this rural school will cost regional and district budgets to 159.5 million rubles. As of August 1 was mastered about 100 million 

The school building is being built on earthquake-resistant technology to casting monolithic concrete structures. This is longer than the conventional brick or building panels, but is much more reliable. According to the schedule the school should be put into operation before 1 November. At present, construction and assembly, ventilation, electrical work on the main building, there is interior and exterior trim, insulated foundation laid communication. The next step — installing doors, flooring, modular construction of the boiler room, outbuildings, landscaping and fencing the area.

"We have already booked for the Barnaul plant modular boiler, Kamensky metallozavod will be produced for the front gate of the fence. Brought materials for foundation support facilities. If the winner of the auction, the work within the specified time, "- said General Director of" Slava "Alexander Kulik. And while the school being completed, go to auctions and sign contracts for the supply of school equipment, furniture and other necessities for the activities of the educational institutions of items.

Note that more than a month on Allakskoy school construction crew working "Agrarnik." 14 university students Barnaul learn new skills for their profession — kneaded solution involved screed floors, insulation of the building foundation, malaria and girls perform all possible jobs.

"Last year when I came here another fighter, we have earned an average of 27,000. At this time the work we have over-paid. I study in ASAU an agronomist, but the skills of the construction business will not be superfluous — everything in life come in handy, "- says commander Sergei Nikitin. In his spare time stroyotryadovtsy conduct social activities, help the elderly Kamentse chores, organize sports competitions, swim, go to the cinema and a museum. Students 'Agrarians' will stay in Allakov until August 24.

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