The village Dovolnoe Novosibirsk region on a new chicken farm started to breed Peking duck

Today the farm seven thousand geese. The plans — raising chickens and Peking ducks. After all, the modern poultry house — is not only a source of revenue to the district budget, but also create new jobs. As well as inexpensive egg, poultry and meat for the local population.

Valentine Mayorov, Director of poultry farms, "We have entered into the contract with Omsk poultry farm — 12,000 Peking duck. We try to come out and bought babulechka and chicken, and a gosling, and duck. Everybody is trying to bring ourselves."

Bird for the area — it is also a first-class pen. Processing of feathers began to engage in a rather long time. Here in these shops they are cleaned, washed, heated and ready to get raw materials that are suitable for sewing duvets and blankets. Yesterday Dovolensky Down Factory was on the verge of bankruptcy — a bird in the field was producing almost no one. Now the situation has changed — in the district administration to decide whether to open proceedings of their own blankets.

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