The village Lylovschina launched the first milking machine in the Angara-type carousel

     Actually the "carousel"

Automatic milking machine — part of the complex, operating on a fundamentally new technology maintenance and development of dairy cattle. The technology involves loose housing of cows in a specially equipped room, balanced feed, highly productive animals, the use of computer programs, etc.

Similar technology has already been successfully operating for several years in the advanced economies of the Irkutsk region — JSC "Railroader" SKHOAO "Belorechenskoye." But there milking machines are arranged in an "parallel" or "herringbone". But "Carousel" appeared for the first time in the Angara. If you do not go into the details of the differences, we can say that in the first case the platform, where the milking — fixed, cow, otdoivshis, she comes out of the box. But the "carousel" dovozit her to the exit.


The complex is owned by Lylovschine OP "Amber" Irkutsk Oil and Fat. Construction was carried out by the regional investment program. Facilities for loose housing for 230 goals was obtained from the reconstruction of an old barn and put back in November of last year. With the installation of the milking installation by German company "Westphalia" had to tinker. But in April, it was started, and this is the second month of its continuing development. 

— Now it handles almost all the flock, — says the head of the department of agriculture IMZHK Alexander Volneyko — and that it is fully downloaded, the gradual transfer of cows in loose housing. As all move, we will begin the reconstruction of the second barn, adapting it for loose housing 220 cows. So, just Lylovschine will have 450 seats for Cattle cows. And all will be a "carousel". For us, this is a new technology, it relieves the staff, offering very different kinds of works. Milkmaids come from a variety of tasks to quite specific — like on a conveyor belt. One operator is preparing an animal for milking, the second putting aids, watches the process, without leaving the workplace. 

Plant capacity — 810 heads per day. To use it effectively to complement the herd, it is necessary to build another room for 360 animals. Serve the whole flock can five people. However, if the activities of the operators is simplified, the work of specialists is complicated, at least at first, until there is a development of the German herd management development. It is very interesting for planning the herd, breed, the formation of working groups, information on productivity. At any milking can see how much each cow gave milk. The machine processes the data of the dynamics of productivity, joining the hunt for insemination and carries a lot more features. 

Productivity installation sev-eral positions better than the current linear milk lines. First, the milk flows through the pipes at a distance of 10 meters. Today's technology — 400 meters of pipe that needs to be rinsed daily and monitor her condition, it is necessary to carry cell phones, tethering cows three times. All of this work go away and forgotten for good.

Ay, young professionals!

— In general, most of the cows took "carousel" calmly. We probably worried and feared more than they, — a main livestock farming Natalia Sinchuk. — Of course, you need some very cautiously and carefully accustomed to the new conditions. And then from the beaters requires an understanding of the animal, not right and left, waving his whip.

However, the difficulties of last moments before, while the cow will not take his place on the "carousel" and will not go to her. Watching the animals come to the conclusion that they, like children, like it whirling. However, it is very slow and gradual, so while ladybug will travel round, already milked.

Inside the circle — the two operators: Alain Perevoznikova Stepan and borax. They have to work fast and hard, to answer questions once. Still, a few words are thrown.

— Oh, seriously, this rhythm for a minute did not look away — says Alain.

Then we go to the room where the "carousel" can be seen through the glass (in which every now and then stare curious cows), and on the computer monitor. Here are gaining Natalia Serdjuchka name, and is reflected on the screen plate, from which it is clear how much this home-grown "artist" today gave milk, and how much yesterday, and of what quality, and much more. 

All these data are taken into account for shaping the future of the herd. In fact, as already mentioned, the efficiency of the installation will affect only in the case if it would be highly productive cows to be milked. For the "goats" keep it makes no sense. Therefore, breeding work today in the first place. In the room I found Lydia professionals Petrukhin and Svetlana Belozertseva — Senior Researcher, Laboratory Animal Irkutsk Scientific Research Institute of Agriculture, to which "Amber" has concluded a cooperation agreement (on the basis of a regional laboratory breeding center that ten-year framework for the registration, renewal and improvement dairy cattle). They are to some extent replaced by experts who are still sorely lacking economy.

— We need a livestock breeder, plemuchetchiki, veterinarians, — says Natalya. — If someone is reading the newspaper, respond, will be very happy. We will try as far as possible to create the conditions for living and working. In the summer of forces Irkutsk Oil and Fat will be built several homes for young professionals. And the conditions will improve over the years. We believe in it, so be prepared to endure all difficulties.


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