The village Zildik (Dagestan) has opened a new carpet shop

The village Zildik opening of a new carpet shop on 35 jobs.

Director Mezhgyulskoy carpet factory, a branch of which will be a new shop, Ramazan Magomedaliev, speaking at the launch, said that to build a new plant was only thanks to the help of the Committee on national art crafts, carpet-and try their labor to prove that the aid was not in vain. A lot of thanking the guests and builders have heard from the villagers and, above all, on the carpet weavers. Then there was the traditional cut, in such cases the red ribbon, and all passed in the new shop. It was very cozy and bright, though, looms in it yet, but how assured the head of the district administration and the director of the factory, it is a matter of two to three days, and very soon Zildiksky carpet shop will work.

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