The wave of questioning does not stop

Democratic activists in the regions of the country continue to cause divisions in the KGB and the police for questioning in a criminal case about the events on Independence Square in Minsk on December 19.

Vitebsk Region

Interrogations in Orsha KGB department

The Vitebsk region continued questioning of democratic activists. January 17 in Orsha city department called the KGB chairman of the local branch of the Party and the Popular Front activist campaign "Tell the Truth" Ales Shutova.

Investigator Constantine Bychyk activist called on Friday, but Ales Shutov was closely engaged at work, and the visit had to be postponed to Monday:

"In half of the 9 th he already called me, and about 11 hours, I went to the Department of the KGB, which we have in Orsha is on Pushkin Street. I met with the same Bychyk — he introduced himself as KGB investigator for the Vitebsk region. He interviewed me about the events of December 19-20: asked if I was in Minsk, or knew that there will be an action … But since that day I was in Orsha, then talk to us especially about. Somewhere in about 40 minutes and the conversation was over. "

For the 17th of January it was the first but not the last in Orsha KGB interrogation. Received a summons and another local activist Ruslan Konovalov:

"Well, that's just brought lieutenant by the name seems to Zhukov, the agenda for 17 hours in Orsha city department of the KGB. Cause, it says, as a witness. I asked, as a witness in any matter? The policeman said that just as a witness, and in any matter, and did not disclose. I have said, this is a legitimate call — without, in any matter. He replied: "Yes."

Call in Vitebsk Regional Directorate of the KGB waits and activist Helen Fomin. During the campaign, she was a trustee Dzmitry Us.

January 13, four KGB officers searched her apartment and took away a computer system, notebook computer, several "flash drive" and drives. Then she was told that the activist must appear for an interview in the regional KGB office, but did not specify the time of the call — said that this call later. Prior to this call was not, and Elena Fomina not exclude that the KGB would have to go most — but not for questioning, and a statement to the selected back office equipment. Mrs. Fomin study by correspondence, and his son is a student — home-schooled, so the computer in the family — it's a necessity.


Again, handing out flyers in front of the Executive Committee

Week in Brest began with the arrests. Three members of the BCD detained by police near the Executive Committee.

Police confiscatedJyrki Bakura, Victoria Grishanova andIvan Stasiuk printed materials that are distributed in the square in front of the regional executive committee. The Protocol on the detainees were, in three hours they were released, said the coordinator of the BCD for Brest Dmitry Shurhay:

"We have to Yuri Bakur knew about the detention. However, Yuri still wished to continue to distribute informational materials about prisoners Square. But just five minutes later, he appeared outside the executive committee, and from there the police came and arrested him. "

Now, do not spend the night at home, and in different places …

Generally, in Brest, Dmitri says Shurhay, after some searches, activists of opposition parties moved to semi-underground way of life:

"I try to minimum wage talks by mobile phone. In general, try to make as little as possible and on. In recent days, turn your cell phone a few times a day, in different places of the city. In addition, no longer stay overnight at home and in different places. "

A former police officer tells how the prison is forced to speak the right front of the camera BT

Stanislav Kholodovich, UCP member of Ivatsevichy still have not received the necessary documents from the Zhodinskaya prison. The activist said that the KGB is quite pressured detainees to the Plaza. Especially for students and young people:

"I was in the chamber was a young man who, among other things, was the character and the film" The Square. Iron on the glass. "The fact is that his prison was summoned to the KGB. Upon interrogation, he was no, even the language function in young men have been violated. Later he told me that he put a condition: he will say, or what you need to BT camera, or stay for a long time in prison. "

Stanislav Kholodovich said that the security services use people, after their zapalohavshy. Himself a former police officer from Ivatsevichy amazed how overstep the law by those who should protect:

"This young man, who was with me in the cell, the KGB said that he would prepare a text that he was to announce before the camera. He promised that will hide his face, his voice will change. But in fact, his face no secret. Not only that, the footage on television even full name written. We have long been members of the security organs crushed all human rights. "

Grodno region

"Have received the order to destroy the opposition"

After the searches and interrogations, some activists have lost their jobs in the Grodno region.

Valentine Busko, lawyer Grodno Oblast Bar, stripped of some time after the events at the Plaza, where she was with her son. She selected a lawyer's license.

Today she told me that he was preparing a complaint against unfair dismissal, but she says that there is no hope to recover. How to live and where to look for a job, just do not know:

"I have many people said that finding a job in Grodno will be difficult, as participants Square pouvolnyaem even from private companies. Therefore, some specific places where I could find a job, I just do not."

In Astravets Ivan Zhilichsky mechanics did a avtakalene, during the elections participated in an independent observation. As he says, even the complaints have not posted on the site, as it happened quietly.

But after the election he had to write an application for dismissal:

"They have long wanted me to get out there. Carpool I worked on mechanics to produce cars. They want" their people "and like me, they do not like."

Reporter"Have you found another job in Astravets?"

Zhilichsky"It turned problematic, looking for almost a month, always say no positions available."

Sergei Trofimchik, Beryozovka activist, during the election campaign by an independent observation. A few days ago received a written notice that his contract with the Glassworks "Neman" ends on January 26 this year, that is — in a week:

"I knew it would be, it is no wonder I forcibly made to sign this contract. Then people from the office I was told that the director ordered to sign a contract with me and after a year lay off."

Last week in Hrodna KGB peratros all party offices, taking computers and all office equipment. Victor Sazonov, who coordinated the work of observers, said that the search did particularly badly in their office: confiscated even responding to complaints from the courts:

Runs self-destruct device, then the car is going to work, and it needs to be more victims …

"One gets such an absurd situation that, in my opinion, many people in the same organs look
and think — what will happen next. If you give a command, you can destroy the opposition this week, and then what? .. It also runs the unit of self-destruction, then same machine will work, and it needs to be more victims. Where to take new victims? They will be their own … "


"What are looking for — they do not know"

In Mogilev KGB officers searched the apartments of four members of initiative groups of presidential candidates. Committee members took away computer hard-drives, electronic media, printed materials, looking for money.

All searches are conducted within the framework of a criminal investigation of the riots in Minsk on December 19-20. The decisions about their conduct indicated that the community activists may be documents relating to the organization and carrying out unauthorized mass events.

Searched the apartment of the head of the regional structure of the BPF Dmitry Solovyov conducted without a host. In the courtyard had a wife and young daughter. A visitor to the request of the woman to come when her husband is at home, did not pay attention. It is strongly demanded to open the door.

"Reconsidered all the cabinets and folders. Took away two white-red-white flags systemnik computer, video camera recording to the area. When I demanded, leave me a copy of the order, they said:" We are not allowed. "A search was conducted and the KGB investigators Mahunov Romskaya . With them they brought two witnesses. search warrant was discharged prosecutor of Minsk Prosecutor Kulik, "- says about the search Hope Solovyov.

Witnesses KGB had its own. Human rights activist Alexei Kolchin, who wanted to be understood, refused.

Elena Medvedev, Bobruisk coordinator of the initiative group of staff Volodymyr Neklyaeva, waiting for the search. And that is true:

"3G-modem I was confiscated. Slightly drives of notebooks. Searched records of money. Karbalevich pick up a book — that this new. I remained forms of certificates of members of initiative groups. Took 16 pieces. Were four of them and two witnesses."

Looking for something that did not know. Just give the command "face" …

Was searched and a member of the initiative group Belynichi Neklyaeva Nicholas Metelitsa. He is a trustee brother of presidential candidate Oleg Metelitsa. According to the activist committee members came to work. Said that if he refuses to go with them, they use force. What took the visitor and are looking for, ask for Mr. Metelitsa:

"The system unit and took all media. Generally in the decision was the phrase about finding money. Anyway, looking for something that did not know. Just give the command" face. "

A search of the apartment and was a trustee of Vital Rymasheuski Thais Kabanchuk. Propaganda leaflets seized the former presidential candidate, as well as electronic media and notes.

Gomel Oblast

Search. Court. Starvation

Gomel activists of the "For Freedom" have imposed order on January 17 at the office after the search, which had a staff of local councils KGB before the weekend.

Says the regional head of the movement Pyotr Kuznetsov:

"Right now we are" work day "- we put things in order in the office. Then we will think about how to compensate for the loss of our jobs and build anew."

During the search, security officers were taken to the "members of the movement" 2 system units with stationary computers, which are used and the editorial of the website "strong news."

Search, which last week staged a local KGB officers in the apartment activist "Belarusian Christian Democracy" Denis Dashkevycha Rogacheva of extremely complicated work of Denis as an individual entrepreneur:

"The main thing they confiscated my two system units. And these computers I — workers. I've been doing photography and wedding videography. And I still took all the notebooks, notepads, calendars. And cleaned out the contacts in your mobile phone."

Another representative of the Belarusian Christian Democracy — Constantin Zhukovsky from Gomel — now serving his eight-day arrest detention in the detention center of the regional center. He is holding a hunger strike, so the supporters every day visit the detention center to give the hungry water, juice and newspapers.

Tells Homel activist Andrew Tolchin:

"He went on hunger strike, and to help him, we give him water, and juices. Submitted warm clothes, hygiene items. Books were also given, including the Bible. Every day carry water, juice and newspapers. Now therefore go, and tomorrow — Every day, someone will. "

Recall that Constantine Zhukovsky January 13 videotaped at the Regional Directorate of the KGB, which caused local activists and students for questioning and conversation — for whom a trip to Minsk on December 19, and whom, and for participating in the campaign of opposition candidates. Zhukovsky also filmed and the building of the KGB, the statue of Felix Dzerzhinsky.

Mr Zhukovsky finally arrested for allegedly using foul language and a central court punished by detention.

Before that, he was interrogated by the KGB as a witness in a criminal case on the riots in Minsk, and security officers at his home was searched.


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