The world faces an epidemic of bubonic plague

British scientists have made a shocking discovery — the virus plague that killed a third of the Middle Ages in Europe, still exists and threatens humanity epidemic, reports The Daily Mail.

Biologists have studied the skeletons recently discovered in an ancient tomb on the outskirts of London. About 100 Britons, who were buried in a mass grave, died from the bubonic plague. Scientists have found that the composition of the human genome in that time has not changed. Therefore, it is likely re-emergence as a body of people do not become less susceptible to the dreaded virus.

In addition, exploring the burial ground in the area, they found in the soil are the same bacteria that have provoked an outbreak of plague in medieval Europe. For many years, they have somewhat altered, and while scientists find it difficult to say to what extent the consequences of such "mutations" are dangerous to humans. They only hope that the current medical advances can protect humanity from repeating medieval disaster.

Black Death epidemic, which lasted from 1347 to 1351., Destroying a third of Europe's population. It has become one of the most catastrophic events in world history. Only during one of the outbreaks of plague in the early XIV century. in Europe, 25 million people died.

The main Plaguebringer are lice, parasitic on rats. The disease is transmitted when a louse bites another rat or human. In this case, the insects reproduce very rapidly, which explains the lightning spread of the virus.

A sick with fever, muscle spasms, and coughing up blood, and from the swollen lymph nodes in the groin, neck and armpits begins to ooze pus with blood.

Today, scientists have found that the culprit of the accident was a Gram-negative bacterium Yersinia pestis. Curiously, the first measures proposed antiepidemicheskie famous physician Paracelsus long before the plague pathogen was discovered. But the real victory over the plague was achieved only in the XIX century., When it was opened by an effective anti-plague vaccine.

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