The writer has experienced clinical death and not fear death


84-year-old British novelist Fay Weldon (Fay Weldon) is not afraid to die, as opposed to most people. She said that several cases of clinical death occurring to her, freed her from the fear of the afterlife.

"When I was little I was constantly asking his mother why I live there is a God, and what happens to us after death — begins the story Wheldon. — Now that I'm approaching my ninth decade, I understand that neither my mother nor science has not been able to answer any of the pressing issues of my childhood. So I made some conclusions based on their own experience. "

The first case of clinical death occurred with Faye at the age of 17 years: a girl doing knee surgery under general anesthesia, when her heart stopped.

"I felt that moving fast through the tunnel, hurrying toward the light shining in the end. I felt an incredible sense of euphoria — a vivid and memorable. Psychologists tell us that this experience — a consequence of the fact that the dying brain is deprived of oxygen. Maybe they are right but it hardly can be called a full explanation of ecstasy that I have experienced. certainly happened to me is something spiritual, "- says the writer.

Another "meeting" Wheldon's death took place in the middle of the 70s: a woman, which is under general anesthesia, again suffered clinical death.

"At that time I saw the bright gates of heaven. They opened for me, and I, peering through the fog, I saw the other side. I had the distinct impression that here is the old struggle between good and evil. I woke up in the intensive care unit of screaming "Yes, I see more than ever before" — says 84-year-old Englishwoman. — Whatever it was — heaven or hell, but it was not so bad, and I knew — death is just a continuation of life with using another method. "

In his article, the writer admits that with age often thinks about his visions and the afterlife.

"Do I think about death? Yeah, of course, but I'm not afraid of it. After near-death experience left me with the feeling that the universe is kind to us. Scares me more aging than the unknown. I know what you're thinking — how this the old woman could have a near-death experience? Believe me, I'm not so easily misled. I'm not superstitious, I do not believe in lucky charms or crystals and quite rational in every other way "- confidently concludes Fay Weldon.

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