There are no stupid external borrowing at high interest rates

Belarus will not be in the near future to borrow money abroad. Also not expected in Belarus and the "avalanche, shock, dirt-cheap privatization." Such plants today gave the government Alexander Lukashenko.

January 18 the President held a meeting on the development of the economy. Part of the ministers renewed government officials of the Administration, the bankers. In the course of the meeting and voiced referred installation. Thus, Lukashenka stated:

"There are no stupid external borrowing at high interest rates will be. With these it is necessary to pay off. No printing money. This is — the right approach, and no spores are not possible here. "

Economist Michael Zaleski calls these statements "trivial":

"Indeed, to borrow money on bad terms is not necessary. Printing money is not necessary. Why do they say about it now, I do not know. It should have been two years ago to say.

To date, 20% of foreign exchange revenue goes to service the debt. And it may be so, that if Russia will put serious conditions on oil, we will not be able to service the loan without any additional ones that we already have. "

Lukashenko also said today that Belarus would not "landslide, shock, dirt-cheap privatization":

"Do not rush to sell. Economy will rise, in the globally is on the rise. Will increase the value of assets, as you call it, will increase the cost of business. That's when we'll see what to sell and for how much … "

Zaleski sure that privatization in Belarus until she directs Alexander Lukashenko will not:

"Not a landslide, no shock, no. Because all the years, he says the same thing: do not give insult Laptev. As a result, the one who wants to can see the main benefitsyyarav on the major companies that have none of shock has not privatized. Russian banks are owned, not Belarusians. "Vnesheconombank", "Belpromstroibank." So let him say that to someone else. "

Business in our country do not support. He must not interfere ..

The fact that is widely claimed liberalization of the Belarusian economy is really at odds with concrete deeds, and says the chairman of the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises Sergei Balykin:

"Business in our country do not support. He needs not to interfere. But what do we actually see? Only in the last two weeks of the National Bank has banned imports of pay — have become more stringent, tighter controls. Prohibited the import payment through loans. A special commission has identified importers of fish in Belarus. Well, in a market which the country can this be? Let whoever wants and takes the fish. But — no.

Chairman of the Grodno Oblast Executive Committee shall issue an order to the heads of all entities, irrespective of ownership, received permission from the Executive Committee on foreign trips. Well, what is the market? That what is being done, — it moves from the opposite side of the market. "

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