They say the king — a fake!

Many people write about that Putin's wife hid in a monastery, for too long, it will not appear in public. I think more likely is another version — neither Putin nor his wife nor his children long ago neither in public, or anywhere else. There are several indirect evidence.

1) Appearance. All these funny conversations about Botox make you think that the president went to the roof. At the same went crazy convenient to write off all sorts of idiotic antics. But one fact can be considered accurate and reliable — a man who is called Putin sharply and greatly changed appearance. Similarly, sharp and very much changed appearance of his wife. Her appearance at the elections — it's just a classic of the genre Public masking this shaggy wig, a spacious wrap up cloak hides the shape …

"Gestalt" to find some kind of integrity. Details attentive people will not know. We have before us a very different people playing a role. As Lenin and Stalin on the Red Square taking pictures with tourists.

And what do the cartoon Lenin or Stalin, in order to be more like the original? That's right, they use the "stereotypical behavior". "In the hands of the cap tube in his mouth." 2) Behavior. Real Putin was repeatedly seen in gopnicheskih manners. He said "chew snot" and said "rub in the toilet," and it was part of his image. Putin has made this current gopnichestvo the grotesque. He did not slip by these phrases and the style — it is only used by them. And when dealing with the local public, and even in all international meetings. So Lenin double if necessary constantly exaggerated lisp would always screw up a little words like "old man" — because it was expected of him "ordinary people." Although there is one thing that gives a person the same way, playing the role. 3) The ratio.

Man suspended. Neither his audience not to exist, or it does not exist for the audience. Hamit it from the screens and stands, is obvious nonsense, amused and entertained. This "king-tyrant" in this case would have created all sorts of other tyranny — but in the political, economic and especially the course is very hard and does not change at the moment. It is based on the simple rule of "the rich get richer the poor get poorer," which is not disturbed under any circumstances. In all the other things an artist, depicting Putin allows himself to have fun and fool around. Another indirect evidence of substitution of Putin are two things. First — this is a political situation. Medvedev presidential term marked a whole bunch of completely delusional, often contradictory ideas bills. This continues to this day.

At the community level with low financing, which affected the interests of the major oligarchs — create trash, carbon monoxide and total chaos. Second — it is news about Putin. This whole Lada Kalina, Botox, amphorae and rybotselovanie — apart from their crazy fact — focus on only one thing. People to say "this is a fool-then the king-father", but did not ask, "but what is the king-father unlike yourself." To hide in plain view, the mystery hidden behind a veil of noise. For me it is clear that somewhere between 2007 and 2010 real VV Putin has disappeared along with his family. It was his conscious decision to withdraw from large policy in some quiet European castle, or it eliminated its "fellow classmates" in the basement of some of the Ipatiev House, we now hardly know. Semibankirschina hired several artists, launched several disturbing stories about Kabaeva and Botox online and now steers the country solely in the interests of big business. The first trial balloon was "eccentricities Medvedev", the second — the project semibankirschiny "Prokhorov," when they advanced from the environment itself is obviously stupid (= controlled) people, in order to soon announce his next "successor" and finally fix the power of the capitalists in the country.

However, it should be noted that in terms of protests, it changes nothing. Protests and rallies, slogans "Putin — leave" — is a way to show the secret rulers of the country people's discontent. Another issue that is important to understand — even if employed artist "leave" does not necessarily semibankirschina completely abandon the previous course. But it will be at least the feedback, which is not observed at all.


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