They stormed the Government House

The newspaper of Lukashenka's administration "Sovetskaya Belorussia" published a list of individuals allegedly stormed Government House on December 19. In the list of 21 names, including activists of the democratic institutions and the people who used to have problems with the criminal law. Human rights activists believe this neighborhood is no accident.

Pavel Vinogradov

Posted on Saturday in the newspaper "Sovetskaya Belorussia" list of those who allegedly stormed the Government House on December 19, begins with the name of an activist of the campaign "Tell the Truth" Pavel Vinogradov. I remember how Paul saw on the picket lines for a presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaeva. This Vinogradov first cold night spent in a tent near GUM. Then he stood in a picket outside the faculty of foreign languages, in Belarusian agitating students studying foreign languages, to vote for the famous poet. According to the "Security", Pavel Vinogradov with a hammer smashed the glass doors of the Government House. Paul Yukhnevich, also an activist of "Tell the truth," Vinogradov characterizes as a man who "always ready to help and even to sacrifice himself for the cause":

"Part of the lie that says" Security "comment is not particularly necessary. I personally do not believe that Pasha was running around with a hammer and beat them to the police. "

In addition to the company's "Tell the Truth", which campaigned for Vladimir Neklyaeva, in the "Security" featured youth organizations, "Bison", "Young Front" and the movement "For Freedom." Observers note that the "Bison" for several years, he left the political scene, and the "Young Front" has not been registered, and its activists have helped a variety of candidates. The only one in the list of the activist movement "For Freedom" Nikita Lihavid did take part in the work of the organization, confirmed one of the leaders of the movement Yuri Gubarevich. According Gubarevich, Lihavid helped the Minsk district Uruchcha who complained of unplanned construction in their area of residential homes for the riot police. But the "SB", writing about Lihavida recalls that Nikita participated in a seminar in Lithuania, who organized the Swedish Foundation «SILKA». What's wrong with that? — Yuri is surprised Gubarevich:

Nikita Lihavid

"Tutorials spend tens of years, they are no extremist. This is a program on human rights, on the work of non-governmental organizations. I do not see any problem here, if he even participated in these workshops. "

According to the "Security", an activist of "Young Front" Oleg Hnedchyk, which also featured among the invaders of the Government House, formerly held the alleged "military training" in a forest camp in western Ukraine. Activist Paul Yukhnevich about training fighters do not agree:

"This is a normal youth camp, there are not taught to shoot, this is a normal training young people on the basis of national values."

Human rights activist Anastasia Marinkina noticed a detail: "SB" wrote that 21 people from the list fall under the 293rd article, but the article calls it "organizing mass disorder", although according to the Criminal Code it is simply called "riots". Also, a human rights activist said violation of the presumption of innocence — of the persons appearing on the list, it is said that they supposedly "broke windows, attacked law enforcement officers called the crowd", but it is true, only the court may determine. Another Anastasia Marinkina adznachae as much attention in the "SB" is given to the criminal past of some of the participants in the events. According to human rights — this is no accident:

"For example, there is a list of such persons — Dmitry Apishchav, who was in the square, but far from the White House. He served 12 days in jail. He was not involved in the unrest at the door of Government House. But, I think it was included in this list, and adopted a resolution recognizing him a suspect just because he used to be a criminal record. They probably need to create a common pattern among activists that many people who violate the law firm. "

Observers have noticed and have a moment: a resident Slutzk Vladimir Homichenko, which appears in the "Security" at No. 6, the paper does not mention the reason that he is an ex-convict, although it previously confirmed official sources and those who sat with Homichenko in the same cell in Zhodino prison. Vladimir Homichenko the Internet got the nickname "earpiece" for the fact that, according to video footage of the riots exchanged words with someone through a hidden microphone in his sleeve coat. "Homichenko was not an activist nor a non-governmental organization, and therefore the power to recognize it unprofitable for a felon, because it would have destroyed the appropriate authorities of the story of the brutal behavior is opposition" — believed defenders.


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