This winter will come in European Russia only by mid-December

The onset of this winter in Moscow late. Wait for cold weather in the near future should not be, the head meteorologist Roman Vilfand.

According to weather forecaster, real winter comes to the European part of Russia until December 15. However, he said that now the weather is consistent with that which should be at the end of November. "The temperature and should not be very low in this period, which usually lasts until December 20," — he said.

Meanwhile, Moscow is now escaped the apocalypse, which predicted before the weather forecasters. Snowfall, which came in the afternoon capital, was short-lived. According to weather forecasts, temperatures up tomorrow will stay around 0 ° C.

"Russian" winter this week will not come, and, moreover, the winter climate is also under question. Winter stopped at the eastern borders of the Moscow Region in Shatura snow depth of 5 cm in the Vladimir Region 7 — 10 cm, in the Nizhny Novgorod region — 20 cm, while in Moscow it is not "- said "Ytru" Specialist Centre "Phobos" Leonid Stark. "

"A little cold snap is gaining strength. If yesterday in Moscow was +5 ° C, the temperature of the beginning of November, but now the power of the cyclone, which came yesterday to the north of the European territory and caused a warm and windy day, almost at the end, moreover, it has shifted to the east and in its rear part draws cooler air mass from Scandinavia. Pressure is growing. upcoming night will be with slabootritsatelnoy temperature -2 … -4 ° C. There are conditions for black ice. Today, wet snow will not "- said the weatherman.

On Wednesday in Moscow will warm up to 0 ° C and atmospheric pressure is at 750 mm Hg. However, on Thursday in the capital come new Atlantic cyclones, said Starks. "Weather will be cloudy, damp, windy and thaw. Night temperature during this period we expected slabootritsatelnaya even near zero, 0 … -2 ° C. Only Thursday may still be slightly chilly, -1 … -3 ° C. Day will be a small plus: Thursday and Friday 0 … +2 ° C, the weekend +1 … +3 ° C ", — he said.

Warming will be accompanied by wet snow on Friday be without precipitation, and the weekend is expected not only snow, but rain. "Pressure will fall on Thursday and Friday, it will be near normal, on Saturday and Sunday the low, 740 millimeters of mercury", — concluded the forecaster.

Sergei Bobchinsky

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