Three new observation post tsunami to hit the Kuril Islands

Three new stations of sea level will appear in the Sakhalin region, it will reduce the risk and mitigate the effects of the tsunami, told RIA Novosti employee Sakhalin Tsunami Warning Center.

"The stations will appear on Urup, Iturup and Simushir. Install them by 2015 as part of the federal target program of risk reduction and mitigation of natural and man-made. They will assess the level of threat of a tsunami after strong seismic events in the region and to get information online near real-time, "- said the agency interlocutor.

She recalled that in the Sakhalin region already has 11 such stations. Automated monitoring stations equipped for sea level near Korsakov, North Kurilsk Kholmsk Starodubskaya, Poronaysk, Cape Crillon, Malokurilskoye, Kuril, South Kurilsk Uglegorsk, disaster relief. In addition, deep-water station installed in October 2012 east of the island Simushir. In addition to the basic purpose of early detection of tsunamis, it provides an opportunity to explore the nature of this phenomenon.

"The development of a network of telemetry recorders on the far eastern coast of Russia is a major step in the tsunami warning system. Timely information about the development of the wave process in the region will allow more sound to signal as a tsunami alert, and about its rebound. Previously, more than 70% of all issued tsunami alerts were false. past 6 years, we did not allow any of that mistake, "- she said.

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