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Pan promise Zenovia

There are in the Ukrainian Carpathians Tlumach city. And in this city not long ago lived a certain pan Zenovia N. (Zenova abbreviated Zenyk — west Ukrainian version of the name Zino.. — Ed.). His deeply religious and hard-working, known and respected citizens. He was a worker, and for additional income bred nutria, the demand for skins and meat is never lost. Zenova was a man of frugal, saved money — understood that his grandson should get a good education, while his wife and daughter — to live with dignity.

Zenova died at age 82 in May 2011, of throat cancer. To say the last two weeks of his life he could not, but shortly before the voice was gone, his wife had to say strange words. First, he asked her not to be afraid when the night he suddenly said to the guests. And said that he hid a large sum of money — to study grandson. Zenova died the day after Easter.

Ghostly guest

After the funeral, relatives searched mentioned money, but found nothing. Even the stove in the house tapped — alas. But then began incredible. On the ninth day after the death of Pan Zenova appeared in a dream to his wife.

That, in his own memoirs, reproached her husband to, say, put all the documents, house-book, because the hut to restructure, and where documents, no one knows. A Zenyk back and says, "Come into the closet, where a bag of corn are all the papers in the folder." Not trusting myself, wife and daughter Zenovia Any Bogdan and grandson went to the closet. There's a really heavy bag lay papers. Find them without a clue it would be impossible.

On the eve of the fortieth day after his death Zenova again came in a dream to his wife. Comforted, said that in the new world it is good that after repentance God forgave him and gave him to see the unprecedented beauty of another world. The next coming of her husband's wife broke down and asked him whether it was true that he had hidden the money saved, and if so, where? The husband replied that the money buried in the garden, under the apple tree, white filling, and place indicated wire stuck in the ground.

Grandson, Bogdan, five minutes to the student, at the request of her grandmother took the shovel and went into the garden. After some time, excited, came back: he dug a huge bank, in which lay the tight pack of hundred dollar bills wrapped in cellophane. Women were speechless. Now you can pay for the coming five-year study at the Institute of Bogdan.

The next time the pan Zenova said that even a lot of money stashed away in UAH … Now his wife and daughter waiting when he reveals his secret. After all, the family is not rich, and oh, how the money they need.

Above the vanity and temptations

However, despite the improbability of the story such cases are not uncommon. Probably one of the first to be recorded in the Kiev Pechersk Paterikon, compiled in the XV century.

So, Kiev-Pechersk monk Theodore had a dream: in a place in the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra great treasure is buried. Arriving at the place specified in the vision — one of the Lavra caves — he started digging and came across a treasure, as is said in Patericon, "Latin vessels", which stores the "gold and silvery are countless."

Seeing the treasure, Fyodor felt that it tempts the devil his wealth, and then buried the treasure, but in a different place. About finding learned Prince of Kiev, who gave orders to arrest the monk and deliver it to him.
But no matter how the prince asked, no matter what the monk, he did not reveal the secret perepryatat gold. It seems that until now this treasure lies somewhere in the monastery caves.

There are also curious incidents connected with the mysteries of treasure disclosed dead. In the little town not far from Kiev Baryshevka one of my friends had buried old mother.

I must say that he is a hard drinker, and on this ground he has with his mother always had conflicts.
After the funeral, his mother came to my friend in a dream and said she forgives him. And yet — that he was not being consumed in the wake of nine and forty days — it is, they say, will tell him where hid bottles of moonshine. Indeed, nine days before she re-appearing in a dream, showed the place in the garden, where she was first buried a huge bottle (which are found), and forty days before revealed secrets, where to look for a second.
It would seem a funny thing. But after these dreams man does quit drinking, realizing that there are forces that stand above the earth's vanity and temptations.

Help parents

A similar case was with my childhood friend, Charles Alexander of Kiev. At the time of high school graduation grandparents, with whom he lived (Alexander's parents were killed in a car crash), reported that their old house will be demolished, and they will be given a new apartment. And after the news of the upcoming changes in the dream came to my friend's father and mother and asked to move, he was in no hurry to pack, and carefully examined their dilapidated housing, virtually all tapped. It could be useful to him in the future.

Alexander did. The dream was prophetic. In the old pre-revolutionary building had long been working wood stove. It is here that Alexander found hiding between the bricks with a large quantity of gold ducats. Treasure, as expected, he transferred to the state.
But of the 25% value of the treasure found him the guy had to move to a new apartment, buy all the furniture, construction of the new location.
We can only thank our patrons who remember us.

And we must not forget them. For it is thanks to them that we, the living, we see again and again is that besides our own, there is the physical world and the other world.

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