TO THE BOARD OF EQUIPMENT Yak-42D including equipment GLONASS / GPS

The specialists of JSC "Corporation" Irkut "conducted a complex of works on modernization of avionics passenger aircraft Yak-42D. The main goal of modernization — equipping aircraft equipment GLONASS / GPS.

The structure of aircraft equipment includes air satellite receiver indicator «TSS», developed by a group of companies "Transas" (St. Petersburg), antenna and set of assembly parts.

Technical solutions and design documentation for the installation of equipment «TSS» successfully passed certification tests on the Yak-42D tail number RA-42412, which is operated by the airline "Yak Service." The specialists of JSC "Corporation" Irkut "also made the necessary changes in the operational documentation for the Yak-42D.

Equipping aircraft equipment GLONASS / GPS allows you to fulfill the requirements of RNP-5 regulations governing flights in Europe.

For the Yak-42D also designed and certified by a number of technical solutions to improve flight safety. In particular, the aircraft security camera and remote open / close cockpit doors.

In addition, the opportunity provided by the expansion of the certified standard equipment, which improves passenger comfort.

JSC "Corporation" Irkut "is ready to implement the developed and certified technical solutions on the Yak-42D, operated airlines.

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