Todays children are psychics to demonstrate their ability in Kharkov


Competition for children with abilities. Small psychics and clairvoyants argued: find a host things, to determine the color of the blindfold and tell everything about a man figure — not a problem for them.

Victoria Mukhina, screenwriter of the project: "This is my picture. We put it in an envelope and offer the child simply defined: the living — not alive. That is, there are people in the photo, or not. "

Victoria Mukhina — writer of the "Battle of the Psychics." In Kharkiv came to select participants for the new season of the program: this time it will not adults, and children. Opportunities candidates crew strike.

Victoria Mukhina, screenwriter of the project: "Everyone calls himself differently. That is, these children, they are able to evaluate yourself and give yourself adequate assessment of their abilities. There were also those who feel that they belong to the indigo children, and we have no reason not to believe them. There were also those who simply call themselves psychics. There were also those who say I can not call myself a psychic, because I do not have knowledge. "

According to the plan, the project will engage children over the age of thirteen, says Victoria Mukhina. Exceptions are made only for the nine-Lisa Pavlova.

Lisa Pavlova, a psychic, "Well, here I lie so I image appears. And the next day, this picture is coming true. For example, I saw the future of the fact that my dad when I was working in Moscow, I saw him get into an accident. And it came to pass. "

Clairvoyant abilities Lisa opened at least a year ago. Says he sees "a book of fate" — past, present and future of the people. Can treat different diseases. Teaches us to develop the ability can only help people, or someone who has given a gift, and it can be taken away. There are limitations: for example, it is forbidden bewitch.

Lisa Pavlova, a psychic, "It can not even do that."
Reporter: "Why?"
Lisa Pavlova, a psychic, "Because it's a great sin."

Lily Maricheva came to the competition from the Sumy region. Girl guesses on the Tarot cards, tells stories of people in their photographs.

Lily Maricheva, psychic, "I can guess the names tell a person from a photograph, profession, character, color can guess."

Lily superpowers — a family. Grandmother, member of "The Battle of psychics," a year ago, said his granddaughter in the gift now shares his experience

Olga Lazarenko, a psychic, "Well, you can not load it esoterically, because it is dangerous. We have very little esoteric competent and professional. Therefore, if a person goes violations field, our ambulance 03 did not help. No need to rush things. do not run ahead of the locomotive. if there is capacity, in any case they will develop. "

Today in Kharkov in the casting for the show was attended by only two girls. By mid-December, the organizers of "The Battle of psychics," will visit other Ukrainian regions. For the project will get only seven small psychics. Why seven? The organizers explain — the number of colors in the rainbow.

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