Tonight, many of Kostroma witnessed an unusual phenomenon


UFO, comet or satellite? Tonight in Kostroma many citizens have witnessed the unusual phenomenon. In different parts of the city in the sky could be seen a bright glow. Our correspondent met with witnesses and experts learned opinion that in this unusual object flying at night over Kostroma.

This video took our viewers. Some say that the glow reminiscent of a frozen sea wave, others only saw a bright ball. At the same time, according to witnesses, the object moved erratically.

The glow did not disappear for at least an hour. The authors put forward different versions of the images of this phenomenon — the northern lights, comet, meteor. Another version — a trace of a missile launched from the Plesetsk cosmodrome. Between Kostroma and Plesetsk 900 kilometers, however, experts say, the flame can be seen in 3.5 thousand kilometers. And just last night, seven minutes to two rocket "Soyuz-2" was successfully launched into space. Mayor Anatoly Krasnobaev witnessed 6 similar nighttime launches. His opinion — hardly a rocket, "The first stage takes place about 400 kilometers at an altitude of 400 km is undocking. Seen as the first step drops. It is at an angle, slowly, but at an angle to the ground. No such that it is parallel to the ground was flying. "

Some believe that UFOs visited Kostroma. However, looking at pictures in this version of the Kostroma planetarium cut off. According to employees of the planetarium at night Kostroma watched the so-called noctilucent clouds. They are formed above the ordinary clouds are composed of ice particles and are completely transparent. This is due to the fact that the sun is below the horizon, leaving shallow, it illuminates the clouds, and they are against the dark sky become very visible.

It turns out that a natural representation for our latitude is not uncommon. It happens every year. In May or June, when the nights are especially bright. For example, a photo of the scientific literature — night glowing clouds, as they are called scientists, taken in Yaroslavl. Admire the noctilucent clouds, we can until August, unless, of course, they will appear again.

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