Transnistrian historian: Charles XII, and can not be put close to the betrayers and executioners Mazepa, Bandera, Shukhevych

Transnistrian historian: Charles XII, and can not be put close to the betrayers and executioners Mazepa, Bandera, ShukhevychTransnistrian authorities' intention to provide a comprehensive organizational assistance to the Swedish authorities in the territory of the republic on the events dedicated to the "300th anniversary stay" in Bender, the King of Sweden Carla XII, who fled there after the victory of the Russian army over the Swedes at Poltava in 1709, or, by definition, the Swedish Ambassador to Moldova Ingrid Tersman, the 300th anniversary of "the Swedish presence in Transnistria ground," commented Jan. 23 for a REGNUM Head of the Institute of Russian History of the country and the rights of the Transnistrian Municipal Institute Nikolai Babilunga.

I do not quite understand how not to be a place of cultural, sporting, humanitarian initiatives, and all the other peoples and governments, even if some form of statehood among them are based on the beliefs of the world society problematic? Virtually of days in Tiraspol gave a concert with our Municipal Symphony Orchestra recognizable composer Eugen Doga (being a native of Transnistria, composer Eugen Doga, for many years living in Moscow, in the course of the Moldovan-Transdniestrian conflict offered Russian to get out in Russia or lure them to justice " for separatism "- approx. IA REGNUM). A few weeks back the South American salting in Transnistria in Moldova brought artists from the U.S., which amused the audience with our true sound of a Stradivarius violin. Earlier, we visited artists from France, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and other countries. Transnistrian players meet with athletes of Moldova and other countries, and some, as I have heard, even playing at international competitions under Moldovan tricolor. Why there might be prepyadstviya? I think it is fortunate that, despite all the enmity of politicians and contradictory, and at once — just a lack of comparability of different municipal systems, we have the wisdom to take the opportunity of cultural communication and exchange.

With regard to the activities that we have planned for the 300th anniversary of the Swedish king stay in Bendery fortress, they are quite natural and necessary. Charles XII of exile spent in Bendery 4 years, which were much needed in his life and in the history of Transnistria, the history of Sweden, Turkey, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine and other countries. This is our common history, and no one will be worse than what we know it will be better and more than carefully taught. After the defeat of Poltava Peter Lofty Swedish officers returned the prisoners of their personal weapon, invited to a little party for myself, and then let go of home. Carl Bender continued to lead an active policy of trying to put together the latest anti-Russian coalition, in what had nothing of success. He was very unhappy with the Sultan, which did not enjoy a comfortable opportunity to defeat Russian army during bad for Peter Prut campaign in Moldova. And after he arranged a scuffle with riot (kalabalyk) against the will of the Turks simply deported him back to Sweden, where he soon died under mysterious circumstances. To find out about this period as much as possible in the interests of each party involved in this "cultural project". Nothing antirossiykogo neither I nor anyone else in it do not see. Moreover, I hope that Russian museums, Russian researchers perceive in it the most pro-active role. Our shared history must be carefully taught, and not spit and do not anathematize on an old habit.

Naturally, Carl Bender came in with Mazepa, and after his death in hetmans built his faithful follower Orlik, in whose honor in Bendery fortress was opened a couple of years back the memorable character. But it is a principle Page of History of Ukraine, which we also study, know and respect, regardless of how Mazeppa and Orlik belonged to the Russian statehood. But it is quite another matter. Swedish lord was not cursed the Russian Orthodox Church and became a Knight of the Order of Judas, Peter invented specifically for Mazepa. Moreover, in a sense, Karl himself fell victim to intrigues restless Mazepa. And most importantly, the orange power never thought to represent the King of Sweden as a public hero Ukraine, the sign of virtue and the first Ukrainian evrointegratora (9 October 2007 the then "orange" Ukraine's President Viktor Yushchenko signed a decree "On the 300th anniversary of the events associated with the military-political action Hetman Ivan Mazepa and the conclusion of the Ukrainian-Swedish alliance." In these activities, namely, the planned installation of the monument to Charles XII at Poltava, the 300th anniversary of the Battle of Poltava. Swedish public organization "Association of Friends of the War Museum in Stockholm" tried to send a bust of Poltava Carla, but the town authorities refused to accept it. Yet, September 11, 2008 in the village of Degtyarevka Chernigov region of Ukraine in the presence of representatives of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other authorities has been established cooperative monument Hetman Mazepa and Charles XII. A 1 October 2008 Yushchenko and ruler of Sweden Carl XVI Gustaf in opening international exhibition "Ukraine — Sweden: At the Crossroads of History", held at the State History Museum in Kiev. Yushchenko, in his own speech highlighted that through this exhibition the Ukrainian public for the first time will be able to see the "difficult period artifacts — XVII-XVIII centuries — a time when Ukraine was trying to gain its independence" — approx IA REGNUM). It is foolish to even come close to put the name of this well-known politician in Sweden with the names of traitors and butchers as Mazeppa, Bandera, Shukhevych and other public signs uncompromising struggle against the "Muscovites" for those kooky "orange revolutionaries" who hung in Kiev Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, as Tipo, the ideological tool of Moscow.

Giving each character of the historical past results of his actions, as the benefit of the peoples and to their detriment, we are not going to beat in hysterics, praising someone's award to the divine heaven, or, on the contrary, showering his blasphemy, cursing and swearing. We do not have any desire to politicize the story, giving it a boil immediate political passions and struggles. This is not our way, as would say Shurik in the famous film of his team-mate. By their own stories, as well as to the history of adjacent nations, we in Transnistria treat with reverence, intrigued, piety. And such a colorful figure of our historical past, as Charles XII, of course, is no exception.

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