Tuleyev awarded trainer who rescued elephants in cold-sufferers

Trainer Sergey Gulevich, saved from the fire, and then from frostbite elephants during their transport to Omsk from Novokuznetsk, was awarded a medal and a prize, told RIA Novosti press service of the regional administration.

"By decision of the Governor Tuleyev circus trainer Greater Warsaw (Poland), Sergei Gulevich awarded Regional Medal" For Faith and Good "and a cash prize of 30 thousand rubles," — said the source.

Last week, during the 40-degree cold two elephants almost burned, and then almost froze on the road in the Novosibirsk region. Forest giants age of 45 and 48 years of age and weighing 5 tons each, toured Russia as a part of the Polish circus, carried in a trailer truck from Kuzbass in the Omsk region. The driver stopped when he noticed smoke coming from the trailer. Then the trainer threw elephants out and began to run with them to warm heat-loving animals. Trainer, get frostbite, was taken to a local hospital, where he received the necessary assistance.

Elephants were saved — they got off frostbite ears. Later, the Giants brought in a warm garage where unsolder warm water with vodka. Animals experienced stress, but feel good and ready for action.

"Elephants — the real kings of nature, strong, enduring, helping people, but in this anomalous situation in bitter cold, they were powerless and themselves in need of protection. And the governor said that Sergei Gulevich made a real man act: risking his life, saved those tamed, for whom he was responsible, "- said the source.

According to him, the trainer Tuleyev also thanked on behalf of all children and their parents Kuzbass who like circus animals.

"We kuzbassovtsy, and residents of Siberia as a whole are well aware that such a bitter cold and how important it is when it occurs take care of those who are weaker, who caught the bad weather on the street, out of town" — quoted Tuleyev agency.

At the end of September 2012 the elephant Gulevich — Magda and Jenny — are already known to the Russians after a swim in the Amur Bay, sports harbor in Vladivostok. Watch the spectacle in the harbor while hundreds of people gathered.

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