Tunisian President spoke badly about foreign intervention in Syria

Tunisian President spoke negatively about foreign intervention in SyriaTunisian President Moncef Marzouki in his own speech, said that any foreign intervention in Syria could lead to a true explosion in the Middle East. Namely, Marzuki said that the intervention is guaranteed to lead to a military conflict, the ability to spread to the whole region. Tunisian President assured that in case of war, it will involve itself in Syria, Turkey and Israel, and "Hezbollah".

Recall that specifically revolution in Tunisia (January 14 last year) gave the start of a string of so-called Arab revolutions. Since then, the "Arab Spring" can not suspend its riotous bloom.

The explosion of the situation in the Middle East, the most naughty way affect the situation in other regions. Moncef Marzouki is concerned that Syrian conflict evenly rolled into the side of a religious struggle. According to the views of the Tunisian favorite, revolution perceives nature of interfaith conflict, which can be considered as a severe threat.

According to Marzouki, the idea of revolution may suffer trouble, because the collision of religious trends will lead to the development of the most dramatic scenarios that are very far from the thoughts of a true revolution.

It should be noted that president Tunisia made after the emir of Qatar, said a few days back about the likely entry of Qatari troops on the ground of Syria "to stop the killing of civilian population Assad."

The massive mess in the Syrian towns last from March of last year. Anti-government demonstrations often escalate into armed clashes with the guardians of law and order. UN figures they say that in the course of the conflict in Syria killed about five thousand people.

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