Turkeys Prime Minister has supported Irans nuclear program from

Turkey's Prime Minister has supported Iran's nuclear programMarch 28, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish prime minister, spoke in support of the right to engage Tehran's development of its nuclear programs from.

After meeting with Mohammad-Reza Rahimi, vice-president of the Iran, which was held in Tehran, Erdogan said that "no one has the right to use force" against country, which uses the nuclear industry in the only peaceful purposes.

According to the Turkish government, adekvatnomyslyaschie all people in the world are the against introduction of atomic energy for military purposes, but strongly support its implementation for peaceful purposes.

Previously, Turkey had already spoken with the statement that he would not join in sanctions aimed against Iran, imposed by the U.S. and the EU. Thus, Ankara has refused to reduce the volume of crude oil purchased from Iran.

These statements by the Turkish authorities made against the background of a significant cooling of relations between Israel and Turkey.

In the past year, with 2 between the two countries took a diplomatic conflict which led to a decrease in the level of relations diplomatically, and to curtail cooperation in military and economic spheres.

But Israel held view that Iran is engaged in research work in the nuclear field is not for power, but to the creation of nuclear weapons. Israeli officials do not talk about the one time that you do not allow this and will suspend Tehran at any cost.

According disk imaging Leon Panetta, Secretary of Defense of the United States, the Israeli side can knock on nuclear facilities Iran in the late spring — early summer.

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