Turkeys Prime Minister warned of the consequences of Chertovskikh strike on Iran

Turkey's Prime Minister warned of the disastrous consequences of a strike on IranThe Prime Minister of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned Chertovskikh consequences of an Israeli strike on Iran. Namely, premier-the minister is referring to the implementation of plans, sounded from Tel Aviv, and related to the bombing of Iranian nuclear facilities industry.

Turkish premier was interviewed on board the plane, which he flew from Tehran after meeting with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Thus, in its interview premier stated that in the event of a strike by Israel on Iran would be destroyed by the whole region. This conflict will affect Israel, a similar step will have absolutely no consequences such as the South American campaign in Iraq. Erdogan added that the issue was not so long ago, he open a discussion with the South American President Barack Obama.

Note that specifically America — the first military ally of Israel and in the case of an armed confrontation between the South American military is likely to be obliged to intervene in the conflict.

Erdogan highlighted the fact that Israel has nuclear warheads (250 to 300), for some reason no one does not want to open a discussion. Tehran also said that its nuclear programm aimed at peaceful purposes. In addition, Iran has stated that complete the process of enriching uranium after to get the right amount of research.

Recall that the Western countries have a policy of severe pressure on Tehran because of its ambitions concerning nuclear technology. The West believes that the main purpose Iran— The creation of nuclear weapons. Israel sees this as a terrible risk their own safety. In addition, the case between Tel Aviv and Iran have never been warm.

In January this year, the EU approved the restrictive measures against Iran, which are designed to reduce funding for Iran's nuclear applets. Council of the European Union imposed an embargo on the import, purchase, transportation of crude oil and petroleum products from Iran, also for insurance and financial transactions related to them. One hundred percent of the oil ban on Iran due to come into force on 1 July this year, before European countries can make purchases of Iranian oil under existing treaties.

A prerequisite for the imposition of sanctions against Iran served as a hosted IAEA report (International Organization for Atomic Energy), in which it was noted that Iran until 2003 engaged in the creation of nuclear weapons, and that such activities may last until the present time.

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