Two children were killed by the hurricane in Mexico

Two children were killed by the hurricane, "Carlotta", hit the Mexican coast, reports on Saturday channel CNN.

According to local authorities, two minors were killed on Saturday night when the hurricane destroyed their home in Plum Hidalgo in the state of Oaxaca in the south. Killed two girls 13 and 7 years old, mother of the children was injured.

Oaxaca government announced on Friday the highest degree of danger due to the hurricane approached the coast.

At the moment, "Carlotta" loses strength — speed wind gusts up to 75 miles per hour. As expected, the storm suddenly turned into a tropical depression and dissipated.

Usually the hurricane season in the Pacific begins in mid-May and lasts for six months — until the middle of November. This year, experts expect the appearance of 13 tropical cyclones, which can lead to the formation of hurricanes.

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