Two tornadoes swept over New York, victims and victims

At least two tornadoes swept Saturday over New York, without causing significant damage to the metropolis, according to city authorities.

The epicenter of the natural phenomenon occurred in Queens, a second tornado touched Brooklyn less power — elements flipped several cars, trees felled and pulled down a few roofs. Many neighborhoods are de-energized.

According to the official authorities, the speed of the first, more powerful tornado, over 150 kilometers per hour. There are Internet video, filmed on the beach four year old boy on a mobile phone father: it shows the vortex "sleeve", looming over the city.

"It sounded like a train is going," — quoted by media quoted his father, Peter Maloney.

At the moment, the wounded and killed by a tornado in New York, no.

Manhattan almost hurt. At the top of the island — Fort Tryon — elements of "scare" a few weddings that took place on the terraces of the park. But even here centenary trees survived under the pressure of wind.

On Sunday the weather promises to center city cloudless sky.

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