Typhoon Talas cut communication with the islands in Primorye

Restored ferry service between Vladivostok and the Russian island and Popov. Interrupt it had before the storm because of the strong wind. Bad weather in Primorye brought come from the coast of Japan typhoon "Talas".

In the central and eastern parts of the region are the second day continuous rains. The region has already dropped about two monthly rainfall. This led to the exit of the banks of several rivers: Rudnevka in Dalnegorsk city district, Avvakumovka Olginskiy in the metro area, Serebrianka Terneisky in the metro area.

According to forecasts, the weather will improve only to the environment. Up to this time the residents and guests of Primorye strongly advised not to leave the settlements without a specific need, and not to travel by private transport.

Today "Talas" without changing its intensity will slowly move to the north. September 7 day storm moved to the east coast of the Khabarovsk Territory, and the rains stop in Primorye.

And in neighboring Japan more than 10 thousand people remain cut off from the outside world due to the effects of Typhoon "Talas". According to Japanese authorities, the victims of a tropical cyclone are at least 37 people. In the list of missing persons still listed as 54 people.

The damage to Japan "Talas", was the largest since 2004, when a typhoon hit "Tokage" are dead or missing 98.

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