U.S. prepares for war in Russia

Putin signed a verdict, but not on Saturday, September 24, 2011, when the whole world has announced that the government is not going to pass anyone — say, just try to take it from me by force. West then frowned and immediately sent him a kind of "black spot", conducted simultaneously on September 28 in ten European countries raided the offices abroad "Gazprom". Simultaneously Berezovsky controlled MI5 defiantly launched a campaign to recruit military organization armed coup in Moscow. As it turns out, it was just flowers. Berries rained the morning of 13 October, when it became known the outcome of suicidal Putin's visit to China (two-day visit on October 11 and 12).

On the last day of the visit Vladimir Vladimirovich and signed his own final judgment made the fateful for both Russia and the U.S. decision — policy decisions in favor of China. China promised our breakthrough high-tech know-how, the transfer of which immediately puts an end to the very possibility of a revival on the basis of their high-tech industry and aviation in Russia, as the country itself.
Well not report grief councilors Vladimir Vladimirovich sense 23rd famous Chinese stratagem: "Friend with distant and fight with the neighbors."
Sadness and grief caused U.S. does not final loss of global competitiveness of our country, rather it is a joy for them, and blatant violation of the U.S. embargo on the forbidden technology to China. As a result, the national interests of both Russia and the United States have suffered serious damage, and the Americans do not forgive anyone.

The very next day, on October 13 in Moscow, the sensational "revolutionary meeting" RSPP. At that meeting, a former associate of Putin RZD President Vladimir Yakunin actually announced himself as a potential candidate for the presidency, when he made the following statement: "The fact that this sounds — it sounds like the crisis of the political system as a whole. This is the first time it sounds, believe me, at such meetings. This means that the long-term policy based on the repetition of the development paradigm that prevailed in society, too, has exhausted itself. " He spoke in unison unofficial spokesman for the U.S. State Department Dmitry Medvedev, Vice-President of RSPP Igor Jurgens: "When you say that the social model has exhausted itself, exhausted economic model and the spiritual model, which concluded: exhausted political model — a model of social organization. And we are talking on the background of what happened, say, the 24th. When we say, "No, no, no, it is not yet exhausted itself for 12 years, it will remain the same or even shrink," — from the point of view of the people's representatives, for example, in the parliament. " After that, winking conspiratorially Yakunin, Mau, Kuzmin, "Premier" Shokhin and Kabbalist Loytmanu suggested further discussion the problem of power in private behind closed doors.

Since then we, as the audience spellbound gladiator fights, watch the second day, and the many other manifestations of a coordinated campaign by the full and final demolition Putin. Surrounded Medvedev again the voices "that still time, and Dmitry Anatolyevich not give up …", sharply intensified motley opposition movements.

In this regard, I note that the key to understanding the process of the global transformation of the world, can be considered as an order of General Petraeus in 2009 — "King David", appointed June 30, 2011 the director of the CIA. Quite extraordinary military order on the implementation of ethnically appropriate NATO commandos gangs and military groups of radical Islamists, who, along with the creation of the 50000th cyber U.S. troops November 25, 2010 fully explains the nature of modern war. By itself, this order from the commander of U.S. Central Command, the author of counterinsurgency doctrine of the U.S. Army and the chief ideologue of the central power of the "military-partisan" operations, very eloquent eliminate the use of conventional military ground forces of NATO and betting on professional PMCs and the gang of radical Islamic terrorists .

I draw your attention to the track record and the strategic projects of the current CIA director, for his audacious wit and Dutch ancestors received the nickname of «King David» — «King David." This is just the general who ordered shots to the head were executed underage boy — 14-year-old grandson Mustapha Saddam Hussein and received 20 bullets two sons legitimate leader of Iraq — Qusay and Uday, serenely partakes morning coffee and chocolates in slippers on the terrace July 22, 2003.

Reference (on Wikipedia): "I was the commander of the Multinational Force in Iraq from February 2007, the commander of U.S. Central Command from October 31, 2008 (300,000 troops). Since 2010, the mysterious commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan (80 000 troops and up to 150,000 PMC mercenaries — a mysterious destination "down" to the "increase"). In June 2011 he was appointed director of the CIA.
In the army, he served mainly in the light infantry, although sometimes given at a mechanized, the staff positions in schools. He began his service in the 509th Battalion Airborne Infantry (Vicenza, Italy). Then he was assigned to the 24th Infantry (Mechanized) Division at Fort Stewart (Georgia). Temporarily left her to continue her studies Army Command and General Staff College. He received his MS and Ph.D. (1987) in the field of public administration in the School of Public and International Affairs Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University. His doctoral dissertation, "The American military and the lessons of the Vietnam War" examines the effects of the Vietnam War, the American military thought.
In the late 1980s, Petraeus served as military assistant to Supreme Allied Commander Europe, General John Galvin. Then he served in the 3rd Infantry (Mechanized) Division. He was assistant chief of staff of the U.S. Army Gen. Carl Vuono. In 1991-1993 he commanded batalonom101 nd Airborne Division. In this position he was wounded in the chest with a shot from a rifle M-16 in an accident on the firings. It operated surgeon Bill Frist, the future Senate Majority Leader in the U.S. Congress. In the second half of the 1990s he served in the 82nd Airborne Division and had two foreign trips — in 1995 in Haiti (where the operation took place "protected democracy"), and in 1999 in Kuwait.
Petraeus continued to climb the career ladder in 2000 with the rank of Brigadier General and became Chief of Staff of XVIII Airborne Corps. In the same year, during a parachute jump because of a problem with a parachute, he landed badly, a fractured pelvis. In 2001-2002 he took part in the NATO operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
When in March 2003 the invasion of Anglo-American forces in Iraq, Petraeus commanded the 101st Airborne Division. His division has successfully operated under Karbala, Hilla and Najaf, taking part in the capture and cleaning of the cities of the enemy forces. Petraeus himself once came under attack Iraqi guerrillas. After the end of the active phase of the fighting in May Division was transferred to the north of Iraq, taking control of Mosul and the surrounding area. In July, the soldiers found Petraeus and his command killed Saddam Hussein's sons — Uday and Qusay. Participation of the 101st Division in public projects on the territory under its control is very successful, enabling Mosul for a year to be one of the most secure cities in Iraq, not affected by the guerrilla movement. The only major incident in the division was a collision in November 2003, two UH-60 helicopters (one of which evaded fire from the ground), resulting in the deaths of 17 American soldiers.
101st Airborne Division left Iraq in early 2004, losing there for the year just over 60 soldiers dead. In June, Petraeus was promoted to lieutenant general and appointed head of the Multinational Command to transfer security in Iraq (Multi-National Security Transition Command Iraq), engaged in the training of the new Iraqi police and army. During his tenure, the Iraqi security forces have increased significantly, although the training of personnel often leave much to be desired. Petraeus repeatedly visited various Iraqi units to inspections.

From September 2005 to February 2007, General Petraeus was the commander of the military base Fort Leavenworth (Kansas) and the Chief of the Army deployed here Arms Center (US Army Combined Arms Center). Along with General James Mattis Marines he was Field Manual 3-24 (FM 3-24), which became the official doctrine of the U.S. Army's counterinsurgency.
In January 2007, U.S. President George W. Bush. Among the activities of the new strategy in Iraq named a replacement commander of Multinational Force Gen. Casey IrakeDzhordzha Nicholas Angel. January 24 Petraeus appeared before the Senate to express their ideas on the new president's strategy. Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell said: "We now have a better general to direct the operations in Iraq. Except it will not cope with this one. We have to give him a chance. " The Senate confirmed Petraeus in his new post 81 votes "for", with no votes "against", despite the skepticism of some senators to Bush's new strategy. Before returning to Iraq, Petraeus has gathered a group of officers with the highest education as their advisers. Change of command ceremony held in Baghdad February 10, 2007.

U.S. Central Command (angl.United States Central Command; USCENTCOM or CENTCOM) — a unified combatant command in the Armed Forces of the United States, is responsible for scheduling and control of U.S. forces in the event of military action in the Middle East, East Africa and Central Asia. Central Command was organized yanvarya1983 one year and is one of nine such structures in the Ministry of Defense. Headquarters is located at MacDill Air Force Base (Tampa, FL).

Currently in charge of Central Command are all U.S. military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Central Command area of responsibility covers the territory of 21 countries (Afghanistan, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Qatar, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, the UAE, Oman, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Syria, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, , Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan). "

Let me remind you that the cause of global redistribution — in the global crisis. More January 7, 2009, Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel publicly acknowledged that the global socio-economic system is inherently immoral and should be destroyed because of the bundle increases on the poor and the rich, in-country — people on the poor and the rich. But within four months, Sarkozy has asked the U.S. right to recover its former colonies in Africa and received it in exchange for the return of France back into NATO. Capture of oil and gas fields of Libya PMC Franco-British expeditionary force and agents of France, showed that frogs can not solve its economic problems at his own expense. Saying that the old system "must be destroyed", Sarkozy meant the seizure and destruction of governments of other countries, looting their natural resources.

U.S. acquiesced, realizing that the problem of China's must-solve around the year 2015. Since all calculations and military situational games show that after 2020, the PRC necessarily "will" of the U.S.. Naturally, the 2015 (to China), shall be finally resolved "Russian question" — the seizure of Russia. Here are calculated only two options: dismemberment (as the logical conclusion of the 20-year liquidation of the project), or preserve the integrity of Russia as a counterweight to China. Neither the first nor the second scenario, Putin and Medvedev are not suitable for the role of the immediate perpetrators. A time to continue to "wash away" Russia for another 10-15 years, as they used to do it honestly, Americans today are simply not. That's why I think the "King David" has already started its Russian campaign, and it probably is not about years, but of months farewell show "Putin Kaput". I do not think we have, and he, poor fellow, the stock is still at least two to three years. It seems, Vladimir Vladimirovich. Doomed. It is possible that at the last moment under pressure refuses to run. Remove the rose-colored glasses, and trying to make out in the foggy distance contours of Russia after Putin (or fragments).


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