UFO flying over Chita


Residents of the northern margin of flight Chita witnessed an unidentified flying object. According to eyewitnesses, yesterday, February 15, at about 18.10 local time in Chita in the Telecentre in the sky was seen flying object. According to witnesses the phenomenon, the object flew at an altitude of 500 to 1,000 meters, but the data may be inaccurate due to ignorance of the true dimensions of the UFO.

The object was dark in color and had an irregular shape resembling a triangle with smoothed corners. Judging by how much time he disappeared over the horizon, passing over the stadium, "Highlands", its speed can be estimated at about 5.7 meters per second. However, no sound and light effects were observed.
A resident of house number 20 on the street. Anna Kochetkova Smagina:
— I was walking her dog and noticed that the boys playing in the yard, looking somewhere up. Then one cried: "Flying Saucer!". Directly above the yard in the sky flying a strange thing, it is like nothing on earth.
One of the residents of this district was able to capture the UFO on a digital camera. As told to the author of the picture, he could see in the sky a dark spot and immediately threw himself behind the camera. At this time the UFO passed slightly to the right of the building TV "read."
— Several shots were blurry because the lens does not have time to focus on the subject — it moved fast enough, but still, a couple of successful shots failed to do — he told the RIA "Extra-media".

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