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December 4, 2012 21:56

The famous American writer reveals the mystery "men in black" Sidney Sheldon — one of the most widely read American writers.

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"Men in Black 3 'fragment of the film poster

His books have topped the list of best-sellers and have been translated into many languages.
But his new work is very different from previous ones. It is devoted to the problem of unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

 While working on the book, collecting information about UFOs, Sheldon made an unexpected discovery. It turns out, the death rate among those who are professionally engaged in ufology, high as in any other field. And found out Sheldon, first killed the best experts — those who could really lift the veil of secrecy over the UFO phenomenon. Sheldon calls the most famous names from this list: Professor David Sands, Mark Wiesner, Shani Warren, Michael Baker … It is noteworthy that all of them, as well as many famous ufologist, committed suicide. And every time it happened under strange circumstances. And indeed the very fact of such a large number of suicides in a specific area of professional activity (and for a short period), makes you wonder.
Sidney Sheldon thought. In his book, he suggested that there is an international secret organization concerned to preserve the mystery surrounding everything to do with UFOs. For this she is going to destroy those who are trying to uncover the secrets protected. Apart from the direct elimination of scientists and witnesses of everything connected with unidentified flying objects, the organization uses blackmail, intimidation and violence, sending him to the mysterious "men in black". By the way, the topic touched and Hollywood, trying to apply it in a comic aspect, as it looks in the film directed by Barry Sonnenfeld famous «Men in Black» («Men in Black"). But many witnesses, to meet, according to them, these mysterious creatures, the situation does not seem comical.
One of them — the American ufologist Albert Bender, who in Connecticut "International Office of flying saucers." But he began to publish the magazine "Space Review". It published articles about UFOs and aliens, accompanied by bold thinking. Things were going well, the magazine's circulation grew. Suddenly Bender closed and offices, and a magazine. Only family and a few close friends knew about the incident. Ostensibly to Albert on a huge black limousine showed up three men in dark suits. They identified themselves as members of the United States and said: "Your discoveries are correct. But you do not have to disclose what has become known to you. You must disband your organization and put a cross on the log. "
Event so affected Bender that he was ill. But after a few years, a pragmatic concession to colleagues, ventured to speak. And even published the book "Flying Saucers and three unknown."
It ufologist, who put forward the hypothesis that the "men in black" — is alien in human form, as stated, the American power structure have evidence of extraterrestrial origin of UFOs. And though there were many who did not take seriously these revelations, the whole work has generated enormous interest. Especially as it was in tune with reports of other people who did not even know any of Bender nor how he was visited by "men in black".
One of the informants — Jim Templeton, a firefighter from the town of Carlisle in northern England, said: together with his little daughter Elizabeth, he went for a walk. Jim picked up a camera on the road and on the way took a few pictures. Familiar photographer processed film and printed pictures.
Giving them, said, "I'm sorry, but a man has spoiled the best shot of Elizabeth — the one where she is holding a bouquet." Templeton was puzzled, because in the places where he photographed his daughter, while nobody was there. But in the picture, which was discussed, behind girls really figure etched in a silver suit.
Interested in this case the police and the company "Kodak" — producer of the film. A few weeks later Templeton visited the mysterious visitors — two men dressed in black suits. Came to the "Jaguar" outwardly looked perfectly normal, yet their behavior seemed strange.
Strangers drove Templeton to the place where the picture was taken the abnormal, and the road asking unusual questions. For example, they wanted to know everything about the weather on the day of the birds that live here … then the two of them tried to convince the fire, saying that he is likely to have photographed the average person passing by. Jim politely but firmly rejected the suggestion that clearly annoyed "men in black".
At some point they no explanation hurried to his car and drove away, leaving the man in the middle of the highway.
Jim had to go five miles on foot to get to the house.
Phenomenon of "men in black" became interested in New York journalist John kills. He visited many cities and states, met with witnesses who were in different years of the country visited the guests dressed in black, and recorded their testimony. Heard summarized in the book "UFOs -" Operation Trojan Horse. " Here are some amazing facts from those that he was able to gather.
November evening the U.S. Air Force pilot Paul Miller with three friends was returning from the hunt. Suddenly, a little distance from them on the field has dropped something like a glowing tower. Hunters first thought the plane crashed. But the "airplane" suddenly … disappeared. Friends walked on, and then suddenly an object appeared again separated from him two humanoid.
Miller of fear shot one of the creatures, obviously wounding him. Four hunters ran away. Frightened, they agreed not to tell anyone what had happened.
This story would have to meet the normal number of testimonies of encounters with extraterrestrial aliens, if not subsequent events. The next morning in the offices of Miller entered three men in black suits. Posing as government officials, but not at the same time presenting the documents, they said, they were aware of yesterday's adventure officer, but they count on his silence. Say, it is not necessary to dwell on the fact, with which he led the encounter. Where did they find out? "We received a report" — followed by an immediate response.
After analyzing the history with visits to a mysterious stranger in black, UFOlogists have come to the conclusion that they are on a similar scenario. Visit those who somehow was associated with UFOs. It could be as a professional paranormal investigator and UFO witnesses unintentional, or picked up at the site of his landing some detail. Unclear how strangers are unmistakable in the many millions of earthlings someone that they need? Even if it's nothing anyone had time to tell. It often turns out that they are well versed in the biography of the person with whom contact.
American Philip Spencer managed to photograph an unidentified flying object. After a few days to him visited by two men dressed in black: "We are from the Ministry of Defence." They are interested in photography, which Spencer, by the way, no one spoke. A request to the Ministry of Defence came the answer: none of the employees of this department to Spencer was not sent …
With the participation of many more people there was a scene recorded in England. Near the base of the British Security Services Telecommunications as several witnesses testified, landed UFO. Local police have launched an investigation into the incident, and then called a press conference.
But as soon as she began, entered the hall, two men dressed in black, arrived in a big black car. They presented a certificate of the Security Service and ordered to present journalists to leave. They then questioned a witness of the UFO phenomenon, but looked unimportant details. Later in the Security eschewed least some attitude to overclocking press conference.
Summarizing the known facts, the journalist John Kyll in his book "UFOs -" Operation Trojan Horse "notes: Strangers in black, usually posing as members of governmental organizations. On this basis, they often spend interrogations and searches, seize evidence, photographs and videos depicting a UFO. But then it turns out that such a government entity does not exist, or it exists, but it employs no "men in black". Sometimes people who witnessed the visit "men in black", time to write the number of their car.
However, the verification of license plates, usually lead to nowhere. It turns out: the number is not registered anywhere, in other words, is a fake.
The persecution of black limousines is also a hopeless cause. Even if the pursuers are sitting on the "tail", the limousine can disappear, turning a corner, or even dissolve in the air.
One such chases ended for police officers nervous breakdown.
The incident hastened to declare a hallucination.
Mysterious stories, involving the "men in black", and that in some cases they were indirectly involved officers of the U.S. armed forces, prompted the U.S. Air Force to conduct an internal investigation. The result was a secret memorandum signed by the Deputy Chief of the Air Staff Lieutenant-General Hewitt Welles. In this document, with the symbolic name "Dark incarnation Air Force officers" describes a number of cases, the appearance of impostors, dressed in black.
Here is a fragment of the memorandum, which became publicly known. Full of a man in a black plainclothes officer introduced NORAD (the network of continental air defense of North America). He demanded and received from a citizen of a certain image on the UFO problem.
Add that document the Air Force are other such examples. As for conclusions, — alas …
What we found out in his research of American intelligence, the agency continues to be kept secret.

Andrew BUROV

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