UFOs over Texas — no satellites


On Monday, in the skies over Texas observed an interesting phenomenon — across the sky at great speed flying "fireball." At events were thousands of eyewitnesses, survived dozens of recordings of the event. The Federal Aviation Agency initially reported that it could be the remains of satellites Iridium and Cosmos 2251, which have faced recently in orbit. It has become obvious that this is not the case.

It is most likely that the object was a large meteor. He probably weighed about five tons, experts say. Objects of this size enter Earth's atmosphere about ten times a year. Probably the car completely burned in the atmosphere since moved with great speed — from 30,000 to 60,000 kilometers per hour.

The Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) has canceled its assumption — the wreckage of satellites were much smaller and could not move in this direction.

Here's a video of a meteor over Texas:

UFO over Texas — 1
UFO over Texas — 2
UFO over Texas — 3
UFO over Texas — 4

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