Ukrainian Jewish Committee will look for anti-Semitism on the Internet

Ukrainian Jewish Committee will look for anti-Semitism on the InternetIn Ukraine, on the initiative of the MP, President of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee Alexander Feldman started monitoring online media rating for xenophobia, anti-Semitism and violence. Human rights activists advised proponents to be careful, according to Deutsche welle.

Alexander Feldman believes that the fight against xenophobia and anti-Semitism in the Ukrainian Internet should be a long time. In his view, the election campaign for the local elections very clearly confirmed this need. "You saw what happened in Kiev?

Comments against Hurwitz, that it should be sent to the Babi Yar? And that was in Kharkov, when Jews equated to the Khazars? We want to stop it. We will sue the owners of the sites users ", — told Deutsche welle Feldman.

Feldman said that the monitoring conducted by the Institute of Human Rights IHRPEX, co-founder is in particular he and Amanda Paul, an analyst at the European Policy Centre in Brussels.

The monitoring promise "not to resort to extreme measures," as Feldman. According to him, it is a statement of not only national and religious insults. MP is categorically against the humiliation of homeless, the poor and even abusive comments against football fans. Feldman encourages owners of websites to block the dissemination of child pornography and violent. Site owners, according to the MP, should be able to access addresses of users to allow prosecutors to investigate abusive publications.

In turn, co-chairman of the Kharkiv Human Rights Group Yevhen Zakharov believes that proponents of monitoring should be very careful. "Ukraine has been the criminal case only for the fact that people in his blog criticizing the phenomenon referred to a video from Youtube», — said Zakharov. According to human rights, verification IP-addresses violates the principle of privacy on the Internet, which in these conditions cease to be free. "It creates the opportunity for surveillance. You can choose to calculate anyone who writes "- said Zakharov.

In this imperfect Zakharov said Article 161 of the Criminal Code, which does not protect the victims of anti-Semitism and xenophobia. He reminded that the history of independent Ukraine's criminal case on charges of anti-Semitism has failed due to lack of evidence. Zakharov said that so far only closed Lviv newspaper Idealist, which once published a list of wealthy Jews who should be expelled from the country.

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