Ukrainian mystery monster

December 8, 2012 14:47


This monster now everyone knows. Although few people saw it, the fact of "the presence of the devil" in Ukraine as it is confirmed. At least, it should be found in Lviv, in Ternopil, in Sumy, in Odessa and Kiev regions …

Almost everywhere, he left behind a mangled animals from which drinking blood, and in some cases attacked and people. Creepy monster to attack Ukraine dozen or so years ago, even devoted a separate article … Wikipedia

The giant wolf with huge tusks

Here he writes about it, this popular online encyclopedia. "According to eyewitnesses, a monster 130-150 centimeters tall, legs that long fingers with long nails, body, like a giant wolf, without a coat, but with a thick gray-brown skin, in the mouth of four canine five centimeters long, bright red eyes. " You probably already guessed that it was a chupacabra.

Some time ago, she appeared on Rivne region. There were rumors that the mysterious creature for weeks attacking domestic animals, and more recently — and people. On this occasion, members of the regional militia along with three dozen hunters raided a forest Zdolbunov district. But failed to track down the monster.
More fortunate in this respect people of Ternopil. In one of the villages of the unknown creature raged for several days, expended some livestock in ten private households. But this time it did not go unnoticed. Those who have seen it say it looks very similar to the description in Wikipedia. Eyewitnesses say the incredible power and being capable of tearing metal cages with poultry in two or three jumps to overcome considerable territory estates. In short, the meeting with the monster seems to be held. But to catch the monster failed. One of the men guarding the village from the chupacabra, pulled at her dog, but in other situations, a ferocious dog somehow flattened his ears and stood …

What told Chronicle

Someone probably smile and say that all this is fiction or stories about meetings with the mutants, the "birth" unfavorable environment of the planet. Do not jump to conclusions. Look better documented the incident, which happened more than three centuries ago, in a time when the environment could only good news. About once told her magazine "Around the World", was never convicted of "unrestrained imagination."
So, it all happened in the old French Zhevoden County (now in Department of Lozère). In the summer of 1764, during the reign of King Louis XV, in one of the pastures on zhevodenskih shepherdess attacked the huge beast. Shosanna narrowly escaped, he ran into the middle of the herd. Returning to the village, she said that the beast resembled a wolf, but it was bigger than the calf, with a large head, long claws, scary teeth and tail. Later in the fields and county roads were found torn of remains of nine people. On the trail on the ground can be determined that all the murders committed the same enormous creature. Rose panic.
To appease the people, the military governor of the county in search of monsters sent a detachment of cavalry and infantry soldiers. However, the wily "wolf" left from the raid, and soon broke five more. The number of victims grew, did not neglect to take advantage of the next bishop of Mende, saying that people kill the demon, sent as God's punishment for destruction of morals …
The news of the monster came to Paris. To anyone who kills a predator, the government promises a reward of 10,000 livres — in those days a fortune. According to the personal order of the King, on February 7, 1765 has been designated "general hunting." It arrived in Zhevoden least 20,000 fortune seekers. But the beast and went out of the ring!

Victims are already dozens

And once the head of the royal guard Antoine de Botern, who led all these raids, and learned that in the heart of the area where a particularly rampant "wolf", lives a certain noble family — Jean Chastel and his two adult sons. According to rumors, the youngest of them had lived in Africa for a long time, and there learned the art of training animals. He was sullen, secretive, and built a small house on a deserted mountain Mont Mushe where holding a pack of ferocious dogs …
Assuming that zhevodensky werewolf — a sort of specially trained "Hound of the Baskervilles," de Botern arrested all three of them (father and son). But, while they were sitting in a fortress, a monster … continued his robbery. By the way, the enterprising head of security was promised 10,000: he killed the first got big wolf and drove to Paris. Alas, neither the king nor his nobles had never seen so close to the wolf, so the deception was successful.

Zhevodenskogo end terror

But time passed, and the torn and wounded monster has a few dozen. The end came suddenly. In the summer of 1767 Chastel, Sr., released from prison, he came to the Marquis d'Apsheru, announced next hunt for the beast, and said he wanted to remove suspicion from her son. He claimed to help track down and kill the monster. On the advice of Chastel, 300 sharpshooters deployed search near Mont Mushe. The beast came out exactly at the catcher! Chastel shot — and the horror of the county Zhevoden was killed instantly. It was someone else but not a wolf! Predator had massive jaws with huge fangs, powerful paws with claws. Later it turned out that at the time Chastel, Jr. brought the monster from Africa. What was this beast, the chronicle does not speak, said only that of a stuffed dummy. But up to now it has not reached.
Perhaps, the world is something like: someone had introduced to the continent of unexplored places unknown creature? What if our chupacabra — a descendant of the predator, terrifying the French county? Answers to these questions while. In the meantime, we can only say: "mystery monster" in Ukraine and there dismiss it unwise. This interpretation and zhevodensky case — because there really was a monster.


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