Under President Carter, the world was just a minute of a nuclear conflict between the USSR and the U.S.

Under President Carter, the world has been "a few minutes" of a nuclear conflict between the USSR and the U.S.Under the administration of 30 ninth president of the United States Jimmy Carter was the moment when the whole world was "a few minutes" from the beginning of a nuclear conflict between the Russian Union and America.

Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was then an assistant Carter's national security, confirmed this, but chose not to go into detail because the drain disk imaging of the incident was not his fault, but because of Robert Gates.

Brzezinski said that a similar fact really took place, with all this, adding that this is proof of how unsafe were those years. If at the time all proved to be true, then 6 hours would have been killed about 85 million Yankees and the Russians.

Former assistant Carter was asked about how much time was left just before the start then U.S. missiles. Brzezinski said that, if all are confirmed, is likely to remain a matter of a minute, but the alarm was false.

Memoirs of the incident due to the fact that at this point in America, out of print brand new book Brzezinski "Strategic foresight." In this book there is no episode since the first time of it told in his memoirs, Robert Gates, carrying out duties under Carter assistant Brzezinski the NSS, and then promoted to the post of Minister of Defense of the United States.

In his own memoirs, Gates also said that in 1980, the second assistant Brzezinski, William Odom, reported his own boss in the middle of the night that according to the data, which provided the Unified Command North American Aerospace Defense (NORAD), the Soviet Union carried out 220 launch missiles aimed at the United States.

After that, Odom said that the rockets to order more. This information Brzezinski had to immediately report to Carter, but in the moment before he came to call "all clear."

After some time it turned out that someone is not correctly positioned in computers NORAD information to plan military exercises.
In his memoirs, also says that after that version of NORAD has taken severe measures to prevent the recurrence of similar incidents.

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