Under Stalin, it was not because in Europe. Because we live so far

Under Stalin, it was not so, as in Europe.  That is why we are still alive"Memorial" Requests to remove from the Red Square in Moscow, Stalin's grave, and all his companions. The fact that if not Stalin — Red Square on the spot at the moment would be the German Chancellery, McDonald's or affordable studio, obviously, does not matter. It is more important to listen to the views of frank paranoid, always make up endless lists of victims of non-existent — only because this is the so-called world of "civilized Europe" and "progressive world community."

A sound judgment on the matter expressed political scientist Oleg Matveychev:

"And now, let us ask ourselves for a few tough questions:
Better Whether it would be if the Soviet Union was headed by someone from the democratic favorites, like the ones that were in the leadership of Poland, Holland, France, or better, that it was headed by Stalin?

It would be better if we in the Soviet Union were free and democratic media that spread panic and fueled by the enemy, all the same, or better, that Hitler did not destroy the Russian 100 million, as planned, and without a free media, we somehow have managed …

It is better for us or not, that Stalin was brought up by people for whom the cry of "Motherland is in danger" means that you need to get up and die, and not, as for the French, you have to collect our things and skedaddle? …

Is it better for us, that in the 30th year we cleared the way for all the likely penetration of all the agents and the "fifth column" or we had to commit their ambulances and absurd repression after the war in a hurry like crazy Europeans?

After all, Hitler and on territory of Russia planned blitzkrieg … Just do it did not work, did not work: the population was evacuated in an organized, even coupled with the industry, the army with the courage and heroism of the defenders no saboteurs no were not able to sow panic, Stalin and the government do not have to sow panic …

Flyers Goebbels also had no effect …

It was not because in Europe.

Cause and live up to this time.

Consider that the criticism of Stalin, because he is "not true preparing for war and lost a lot of people" are fans of the West, the same man who had routed the general day or three, and they all then shame better general shut up for a long time. At this point, every stinking "Frenchman from Bordeaux" (they are there all the humanists and liberals!) Pokes a finger at us, "Gulag Gulag," condemns the repression of … These genetic pants, with his trousers had fled from Hitler, who were hiding in their Riviera, while for their freedom to shed the blood of millions of Russian, general have no right to vote history! They are still nothing more than for half a century is not redeemed own historical disgrace. "

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