Universal electronic card developers promise that it would be possible to give

Two months before the start, only 4 of the 83 regions of more than 50% are ready to introduce universal electronic cards. Already in January, anyone should get this as a key to public services, and at the same time as a plastic wallet. Rating preparedness officials now update every week, and the first item is the Astrakhan Region and the Krasnodar Territory. But in the capital serednichkah — 33.3%. And about the same position another 25 federal subjects. Again, 25 readily than 20%, including the St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. However, some regional officials say that there is some confusion with the reporting system. Actual results better.

Fair to say that it is in leading regions universal cards being piloted. Their outstanding volunteers to take into account comments of end users.

Card pin code menu — operations acquaintances — various services. Participant experiment Roman Romanov says a few months of use of the universal electronic card has already mastered, and even used to.

To stand in a queue is not necessary. You can even pay at home via laptop using the card reader. But he's not normal, and the special — with special protection. The creators assure that it will be inexpensive. True, the place of sale has not been determined. In addition, you can pay off in the store, for example, linking the universal salary card. Also, each can independently choose a bank of more than 150, which will serve the map. But payment — only a small part of the possible operations.

In addition to — housing, traffic police and public services portal, you can access the Pension Fund, the Russian Register, health care — because there will also be a policy of compulsory health insurance, the menu will be sections of the tax service, ushers, transportation, education.

However, so far — most sections of the development. And from January 1 — will earn much more. The first time an electronic card will include already existing capacity of the regional social security cards with the age of the owner requests.

For example, students who have reached 14 years of age, universal card will pay off in the dining room. Account is updated either through a bank or through a special terminal installed at the school. Prototype — already tested.

Since January, the universal electronic card, the idea is to get anyone. And is free. Readiness of the region is different, but the developers assure that all have time.

"In every region of the window will be opened issuing cards. As long as their is not very much. We specifically this process will run smoothly enough "- said the president of the Federal Commissioner of the organization" UEC "Alex Popov.

The card is issued for convenience. Get it or not — every decision. Even in a year when the law, it will be a binding document, it is possible to give up — no passport yet. But the fear of leakage of personal data is not necessary. The developers claim that a single database, which summarizes all the information will be. What is important to doctors, they see the police, and vice versa. There is, however, the risk of online fraud. So, it is necessary to remember about security.

"If this card will be used for some ideas of service over the Internet, where it will be required to transfer data from the card, service providers, in this case the map is just as vulnerable to such actions as malware," — explained the leading anti-virus expert Kaspersky Labs Sergey Golovanov.

There is another bottleneck for this innovation. By the introduction of universal cards must be prepared not only banks and commercial organizations, but also all relevant state institutions, for example, in the same clinics every physician must have a computer, and the computer — a special program, which the doctor can use. And so — at each stage, in each institution.

Natalia Semenikhina, Channel

Slavery from childhood: children in Barnaul accustom to the fact that for them the next machine

In Barnaul schools have established an electronic system of attendance. 12 students absent — on the computer director 123rd gymnasium complete list — who left who came. Report to the turnstiles.

Margarita Vasilchuk, student school № 123: "In our class, there were people just walking. Now they no longer come because the notification of parents about it all. "

The arrival time of 13-48. These text messages are the parents of pupils. Remote control system — is the correct name of the turnstiles — Barnaul installed in two schools — 118 and 123 of the high school. Maps and mobile traffic by mothers and fathers. In the last month about a hundred rubles.

Natalia Postnikov, parent: "Not because I do not trust parents to children — he came, he came — and just now is the time."

Lost or forgotten card — student will miss guard. But the rest — are not admitted. Install such a system by the end of the school year will be in 15 schools in Barnaul.

2 rolls and a salad. Pupils Rubtsovskaya school number 11 in the study also did not come without maps. In the dining room in the supermarket — calculation by the terminal.

Leonid Baikin, student school № 11 Rubtsovsk: "Well, convenience that turn speeds up during the break. Because the faster the card — the card and spent the money withdrawn from the account. "

By the way, what's for dinner at the school, he immediately can find their parents — on a special website or SMS. Same — balance on the map. These maps in Altaic school libraries will soon get to, and then, perhaps, to the medical office — of all examinations, problems, and immunization of students will immediately recognize parents. Are the students themselves to such control? They say get used.

Galina Siuha — TV "Novosibirsk"

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